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  • Greetings! I'm not sure if we've ever spoken personally, but I'm Adam.

    I've always wanted to ask but... Where about in Ireland did you live, my friend?
    Yeah, youre not doing that so well. Its a forum. Questions are going tk be asked. I see someone dodge a question with anger, that just deeding curiosity. Whats so unappreciative about the question? unless you dont believe it anymore but don't have the guts to say "yeah...idk what I was thinking." But if you still do, then you im happy to know how.

    The problem isnt that I questioned you, it was that you cant respond.
    Youre getting offended over a question.. its not a debate. A debate would imply the agjment would be equal. Contemplating something obviously wrong. Youre the one making a bigger scene. You coild answer it, or say "I'm just theorizing" without the backsass. It was a valid question even if it was a theory.
    ah. no. Well i was going to go it, but im having second thoughts. I rather have an Original for this rp than to remake one of the ones from my profile. I'll give Gustith a heads up about me leaving ot for others.
    I've been broke down Welshy :sad3: I just don't have a clue on what to do with this Vivi render. I can't even decide on a background color.
    Nice pic Welshy! Though, you did say a while back that you looked like Barrett from FFVII. So that's how I've been picturing you all this time. XD

    Either way, cool shirt is cool. Dope Welshy is dope. :)
    Jason Statham used to be pretty good then Hollywood took big interest in him and like you said it was the same movie over and over every time.
    Jim Carrey is always Jim Carrey. Though he is pretty awesome :ryan: Seeing him in that 23 film was very refreshing :hmmm:
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