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  • So I got my hubby the Wrestlemania Anthology for his birthday and we've watched the first two so far. Classic and very entertaining. :grin:
    Holy crap, dude. As I asked yesterday, won't that take the fun out of it? Sprinting through a game? I'd never be able to do it... I'm far too much of an explorer... I'd like to enjoy the game, and not see how fast I can beat it, unless of course, I already beat it 5 times. Lmao. xD
    My faith in wrestling started to decline ever since Vince decided to stir the company towards "PG" and they changed names such as the "FU" to "Attitude Adjustment". Also when Batista left the company I started watching it even less and then I sorta lost track of what's going on anymore. I don't know who's who anymore or who has which title, though I certainly hope is not John Cena Championship Marathon all over again (not a hater, just well, hate someone getting all the championship shots while obscuring the rest of the roster)
    Just send me an ask or a fan mail sometime on there with what you've got questions about, and I'll try and help. :dave:
    No prob, bud. Haha, I can't believe you met cm punk. that's so cool :ohoho: *refers to profile pic*
    It's actually not so bad if you put some time into it. Not so sure about the Japanese version since I'm not so good at Japanese, but I've heard it's even easier than the English version, and English isn't bad. It's really just a cipher with vowels going to different vowels (I -> E, E -> A, etc) to keep the word structure. I could help if you ever wanted to learn :P Been trying it out on and off since... I think I was 15 <_<;;
    Aww, why would you say that you came off as extremely mean in your video? =O You're adorable! You didn't seem that nervous at all. :) Hope you had fun doing that. =P
    Ah, that'd be the dream, yes! You think so? That's nice to hear -- I'm kinda hesitant to mention said games in company, but I really do enjoy playing them.

    Hah, figures I'd have issue with them, then. :L

    Sorry for the insanely late reply...been having a hectic week.
    You like wrestling, right? I had to go to an auto parts store earlier, and they gave me some things for a WWE contest. It says "Enter for your chance to meet a champion" They gave me seven of them, and I thought you could use them. I could just give you all the codes and you could enter them on the website.

    I'm not sure where you live, but it says that people in CT, DE, MD, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VT are excluded for some reason, but I guess you could try anyway.


    The website is


    Good Luck :monster:
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