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Timber Maniacs is a free digital magazine initiated by Dionysos (Editor-in-Chief) in early 2018, which turned into a huge collaborative project with Mitsuki (Creative Director) and a few others as they embarked on a long, treacherous journey to unknown territories. Since then, the team officially increased their parties after the release of Issue 1.

Writing Department
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Design Department

Interested in the project or would like to contribute in any way? Here’s some info that you might find useful.

Difference between Magazine Staff and Magazine Contributor
The Timber Maniacs staff are deeply involved in the planning process. They work behind-the-scenes with the project leaders. Guest writers and contributors provide information and content on topics of interest to them. Guest writers add their own unique tone and style to the editorial team.

It is very crucial that we meet deadlines, so please plan accordingly. If you are contributing as a guest-writer or submitting interview material, communicate your schedules and availability to Dionysos and Mitsuki, especially if there’s any conflicting schedules so that we can make adjustments if necessary. We will allow a week extension if an article is considered late but preferably no more than that. While we would like to remain flexible with people's schedules and extend deadlines until we receive the content, we do have our own strict schedule system setup with the rest of the team, so unfortunately we cannot allow too many extensions. If you cannot meet a deadline despite extensions, it's not the end! We can always push the content for next Issue, and we will make sure to follow up with you for any updates and changes.

Word Count
Word count is necessary so that we have room to include all kinds of creative contents in our magazine. For all writers, please aim for up to 2500-3000 words. If you think your article might exceed this word limit, be sure to discuss this with the Timber Maniacs team.

Ideally, writers should provide the best quality images to be included with their article. If the quality is relatively poor but considered to be essential to the writing, it will go through an editing process in Photoshop.

Designers Note
Please try to leave notes somewhere on your document regarding image placement. It’s not mandatory, but it will help designers plan the design layout with clarity. It helps to know when a particular image should be placed on a specific page, next to a body paragraph or a piece of writing. It can save us time from figuring out the pieces of a puzzle together so that they remain coherent and relevant. If you find any images you wish to be used in an article make sure you provide links or sources for where they came from. We will need to check each image in case we need to credit them in our acknowledgements section, or ask the owner of the image for permission.

Do images require captions? Feel free to include some in your notes. Captions are not mandatory.

Letter of Agreement to Guest Writers & Contributors
Timber Maniacs magazine is a voluntary project from the staff, so while we would love to compensate the guest-writers and all kinds of content contributors, it simply isn't realistic at this point in time. However, any content provided for magazine use will be appropriately credited. We would also like to express our deepest gratitude for all the support so far! In the near future we may set up a Patreon (or Ko-Fi) page to accommodate the strict schedules, hard work, and deadlines from our staff team in order to make this magazine happen. Until we can gain some stability in revenue (if we ever get there) all work from staff and guests contributors remain voluntary.

For all guest writers, we will reward 10 GP to your account as a small token of appreciation!

For further inquiries, please contact Dionysos and Mitsuki.
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