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Welcome to the MogShop Network, kupo!
With our recent currency reboot the moogles have decided that the time was right for a new MogShop Hub thread!

Here you can find detailed information about the MogShop and items up for purchase, including updates and changes. Please make sure to read each item description - most items contain specific instructions.

You can buy items in the shop with Gil and Mako Points (MP). Please view Currency System for more information on the particular currencies and how to earn them.

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The Moogle Shops
-General Store:
Any special account privileges and upgrades are located here. When purchasing some items, the user will automatically inherit permissions (overriding a permission value) for their account.

In this shop you can purchase items which: grant the privilege to host your livestreams on our Streams page (this will expire if a member is inactive for an entire year), give you coloured threads, give you bold or glowing user titles, increase your avatar size, and bump a thread back into significance.

The Chocobo Egg can also be purchased here. Once you and one other member purchase a Chocobo Egg, you will become loving parents to a Cegling! See here for additional details.

You may also find items of monetary value, such as Steam Gift Cards and Discord Nitro subscriptions. These shall be limited and will change from time to time, so keep an eye out for announced updates in the shop or in this thread!

-Ancient Forest:
Visit here if you want to purchase any of FFF’s special Final Fantasy sprites (created by Galadín). These are divided into categories based on the games which the characters appear in. How many can you collect?

-Dio’s Mascot Market:
The souls of FFF's mascots have been captured in sprite form and await your purchase! If three people group together to buy a sprite (3 Mako Points each) then the mascot will become a smiley. These smileys will be free to use by all members.

-Build-a-Member Workshop:
In the Build-a-Member Workshop you can commission a sprite of yourself! First you must buy the Build-a-Member item for 20 Mako Points. Write out a description of yourself or send a photograph and the moogles will then get to work on assembling your sprite likeness! If you want to add accessories for the head, arms, or legs, then please purchase the relevant accessory item as well. Be creative!

In the past, some members have requested sprites of their FFXIV characters, or their favourite characters which they identify with on a personal level. What form will you take?


For any questions, feedback, suggestions, please use the Feedback and Support section. If you are unsure about an item please contact an administrator before purchasing the item.

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