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Upon joining this site, you have agreed to follow the general guidelines established by the forum staff. If you have any doubts concerning the rules, please refer to the staff team.

There is an infraction system set in place and a protocol that staff members adhere to in order to establish a fair ground with the members. Staff will not ban on a whim unless the offense is severe. Each offense amounts to certain infraction points. Depending on the accumulative points due to infringement of rules, automatic suspension may come into play. So please read the rules carefully.


Warnings and Infractions:
Staff will typically hand out warnings first before infractions are issued, but keep in mind that warnings are a courtesy, not a requirement. Staff reserves the right, depending on the severity of the action, to issue an infraction whether a warning was given or not.

Flaming / Trolling:
For the purposes of keeping an open, inviting, and congenial environment, we do not allow flaming or trolling of members. This includes, but is not limited to: insulting, provoking, intimidating, bullying, or harassing other members, or their beliefs, opinions, or lifestyles. If staff sees flaming or trolling happen, or is issued a report thereof, staff will first warn the offending member if appropriate. If the behavior continues, an infraction will be issued.

If you are being flamed/trolled, please report the issue right away. Even if provoked by others, any rules broken will be handled accordingly and may result in disciplinary action.

Pornography and Inappropriate Content:
Posting any pornographic material will result in an instant ban. It is also unacceptable to post or distribute any media or content that could be considered as either offensive and inappropriate to the viewer or incurring in suggestive themes. Staff reserves the right to remove any material/content they deem too suggestive or offensive to members. This includes signatures and avatars.

Racism / Sexism / Prejudice:
If any sort of racist, sexist or prejudiced remarks (skin colour, beliefs, gender, etc) are spotted within our community, action will be taken even if it's all done in jest. They are serious matters and can be highly offensive to our members.

Illegal Content:
Illegal content is not allowed, including discussions on emulators, torrents, warez, music, film downloading and posting links to places which can illegally obtain software, music, videos etc.

Respecting Privacy / Personal Information / Harassment:
Due to privacy of members, do not post personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, and/or any type of information that could be deemed as private by the affected user. This is a heavy case, and any personal details that are posted without the consent of the affected user, will be deleted on sight. You might even be permanently banned. There is no valid reason to compromise someone’s safety.

Copyright Infringement / Plagiarism:
Do not post material that does not belong to you and claim it as your own (signatures, banners, music, art, writing, etc). Always give proper credit to the rightful owner. You can use other people's work as reference as long as you do not duplicate it exactly as it is written. While many ideas are not always original and that most literature, art, media are based on previous projects, please be mindful of duplicating other people’s work without prior consent from the author.

Handling Complaints:
If you disagree with functions and features of this site, you are allowed to publicly post them as long as you do so in a mature manner.

However, if the complaint is directed to a specific member, please speak to a staff member. Complaints about members should never be done in public as it could lead to conflict of interest. If the complaint is concerning a staff member, you should avoid talking to another member of staff; instead you are encouraged to submit a PM to one of the administrators. If your complaint is related to an administrator, you should submit your complaint to our site owner.

Threads created for the sole purpose of complaining about members will be immediately closed and warning/infractions will be issued to the thread creator.

Any form of threats that can potentially be harmful to our community is not allowed here. Staff will ask you to stop immediately issue warnings/infractions. An outright ban may ensue depending on the situation. Members are encouraged to PM any form of threats to the administrators.

Additionally, threats of self-harm or committing suicide, although not targeted at other members, are not allowed here. Such threats are disruptive and disturbing to the community, (whether serious or not), and will be stopped by staff immediately. Infractions may be given depending on the situation at the discretion of the handling staff member(s). If you are seriously contemplating self-harm or suicide, please seek out help from
your area suicide hotline.


Multiple Accounts:
Members are limited to one account only. If you create a duplicate account for no valid reason, it will be banned and your main account will be subject to a possible suspension. If you are suspended, creating another account will result in a longer suspension, and the second account will be immediately banned.

Please do not make new accounts for the sake of changing your name.

Anyone with inappropriate usernames will be changed. No racist, sexist, prejudice, pornographic content should be attached to your username.


Post Length & Content:
We discourage short posts lacking in elaboration or a clear reference to the original topic (e.g. "I agree" and leaving it at that). It’s not a serious issue, but we always encourage in-depth posts from users. Additionally, posts irrelevant to the original topic ("off-topic") may result in a reminder/general warning or even posts deletion by the staff to keep the thread back on track.

Posting spam may trigger a staff member to speak to you about the matter, unless the forum you are posting in states otherwise. Posting spam outside the spam section may result in a warning or an expiring infraction if it deliberately continues. Please avoid spamming smileys as well.

Pseudo-modding is not a serious issue and to an extent, is actually allowed if the member is trying to be helpful by posting information about the site and rules. While members are free to direct someone to the Site Rules, please refrain from speaking on behalf of the staff members (e.g. ‘this mod will warn or ban you for this’) out of courtesy to the staff.

Do not ask to be on staff:
Hiring staff members rarely occurs here. We will hire (through Application Center) as necessary. Asking to be on staff will only decrease your chances. This also includes asking for moderator privileges in order to gain (partial or absolute) control over a specific area. While we understand and appreciate your concern, we do not consider it prudent for a member to ask for privileges on any of the areas or features of the site.

Advertising outside the designated area is typically not allowed. You might be asked to post in the Advertising Board, unless you are affiliated with Final Fantasy Forums. If you are caught doing Mass Private Messaging Advertising (users will typically report this to the staff), you will receive a warning and/or infraction. Your account may also be subject for suspension.

Members may only promote forums, fan sites, communities, or links to social media. Any advertising or promotion of goods and services, downloadable files or links to products will be immediately removed. This rule is also extended to advertising in your signature (unless there’s affiliations involved). If such is found, your advertisement will be removed from your signature immediately and a warning/suspension will be issued.

Respect and Courtesy:
Poor manners and attitudes bring negativity to the community. Please remain respectful and courteous to all the members, especially the newbies. Unwelcoming and rude behavior will result in a warning and/or infraction.

While you have every right to express your opinion and certainly allowed to debate, please do so in a civil manner. Degrading members and their opinions/ideas is not encouraged here. You will be asked to tone it down, and a warning/infraction may be issued. If you wish to express a concern about a member, please contact a member of staff via PM with quotes or proof if necessary. Do not take things into your own hands, as it will only extend the issue, and might even get you in trouble. Let the staff handle it.


Signatures and avatars:
The maximum space for signature space is 600x400 pixels. The size for avatars is still 100x100 pixels, although depending on your usergroup, you may upgrade to 150x150 pixels by purchasing the Avatar Combo in MogShop.

GIFs are limited to 3MB in total. Staff will ask you to remove some images if you are found to exceed the limits.

Autoplay / Loop Videos:
Please refrain from posting any autoplay/loop videos. This can lead to several issues for members. If you are caught doing it, the staff will instantly delete the post or videos without warning.

Social Groups:
Members are able to create and manage their own social groups. Please do not create groups for the sole intention of insulting any members. Rules still apply, and it will still be moderated. You are allowed to create 5 Social Groups in total. Staff has the right to delete any groups that is deem inappropriate, so please keep the topic and discussion clean.

User Tagging / Mentions Restrictions:
Mention, Tag, and Quote restrictions are enabled. You can change the settings in your User CP > User Tagging > Settings. If you want to be alerted from users in your friends list only, you have the option to do so. Intent spamming of mentions in the Spam section or any other section in the forums is not allowed.

Reporting a User:
If you must report a user, please do so properly, as all reports will be treated seriously - jokes or not. Give an adequate reason why you are reporting the user, and if we notice that you are abusing the report function (false reports) staff might speak to you about it.

Shoutbox Regulations:

The shoutbox should always be stress-free. Be aware that the ignore, silence, or SB banning can take place if necessary to stabilize the situation, so please ensure that you are using the SB properly and remain cordial with other members. Otherwise, parties involved in any issues can face consequences, with a possible temporary ban from the SB. Please make use of the Ignore function as necessary.

Big text: please do not use big text in the SB. There is no need for this as it disrupts the SB or any conversation held by others.

The Site Rules still apply to the community blogs. Be responsible for the content on your blog and ensure that it remains clean and appropriate.

Home CMS Comments:
The front site (homepage) still follows the Site Rules.

Reputation System:
Negative comments should be within reason and appropriate. It's still within Site Rules. If a member reports any abuse in the system, your reputation privileges will be revoked. Read Reputation System for more info.

Gil and GP: Rules & Regulations:
Due to the addition of gift cards available for purchase in the MogShop, there's limitations set in place. Please read the GP and Gil Currency System thread for more info.

Disclaimer: Concerning Rule / Guideline Edits:
Staff holds the right to amend any of the rules previously stated above, as well as add or remove anything from the guidelines.
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