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  • Staff Reward (30)
    Staff Reward (30)
    Colored Username (Member's Choice). Duration: 30 days
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    Staff Reward (7)
    Colored Username (Member's Choice). Duration: 7 days
  • Stream
    Purchase this iteam to have you Stream channel added to our Live Streams. Contact the administrators or admin support with your link after purchasing. Channels will be removed if members are not active on FFF for over a year.
  • Colored Thread
    Colored Thread
  • Birthday Gift
    Birthday Gift
    Wish your friends a Happy Birthday with this gift and they will receive 3 GP! Must be purchased on the appropriate Birthday week! Only 5 available per month.
  • Lost Dreams of the Unicorn: Volume 1
    Lost Dreams of the Unicorn: Volume 1
    Own a digital copy of Roko Zaper's graphic novel 'Lost Dreams of the Unicorn'. Contains: Volume 1 - Children of the Winged One.
  • Steam Gift Card
    Steam Gift Card
    $5 steam gift code delivered to your steam wallet. You must have a steam account in order to purchase this.
  • FF7 Remake Game
    FF7 Remake Game
    A copy of the FF7 remake game. First part only.
  • Chocobo Egg
    Chocobo Egg
    Two members must partner up, breed, and hatch this egg.
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    Username Change

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A bit belated, but welcome to the forum! I hope you can find some time to post around some more, I enjoyed reading your posts about FFX 😄
Thank you! I'm glad you found something good to chew on from my posts. 😉 I know I probably should've introduced myself at the New Bodhum, but hey, what the hell... 😄
It's never too late if you decide to! But I'm sure a lot of us are just happy to see some new faces around! :yay:
Late welcome to the forum! Did you make your own signature? :D Lovely work if so!

Own work - it's been a while since I've touched forum related graphics, probably coming up to about nine years now.
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Ahh lovely. Our graphic section used to be a lot more active. Used to run a weekly signature competition 😆

we didn’t have many GFX artists left but there’s been an increase recently, which is fun to see as a graphic artist myself!
Can I just say that your mythology manual posts are really interesting! I don't know how much time you put into them (it looks like a lot!) but I love reading them. Thanks ^^
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Thanks for saying that! :) I'm happy some people like them.

I do put a lot of effort into those articles. I had to take a long break halfway through writing the recent Brothers article (to do things like FFF's magazine) but I'm glad I saw it to the end. I have others planned and started so I hope to get them posted in the not too distant future.
Looking forward to it!