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I have no idea if you are still about around here, will see this or if you are even still alive but I logged back on just to tell you...

...I still haven't finished A Dance with Dragons.
Everything is quite different and I'm not sure who anybody is, which makes me feel like a mix between an elderly lady with dementia and someone who just woke up from e 10 year coma
Hey! How's life treating you all? I am liking what I've seen of the forums so far. Quite an upgrade from what it was during my active years. Take care.
Hey you! Been awhile...it’s been years! Everything good here. I hope everything is going okay on your end. :) What have you been up to lately?

Yeah we had some recent changes, glad you’re able to drop by and say hello. :)
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Wow, can't believe I've been part of this forum for almost 12 years... I do have some great memories from this place . I wonder how's the old FFF Members are doing.
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