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  • Hey there, happy new year. I hope the holidays were something for you. Thank you for bringing the Clans to my attention.... Didn't notice the thread was closed. :lew: But, yeah, if you think you're going to be active again, then I'm willing to let that have a chance too, only fair right? Hope you become an active member of the community. Mind we may have a slow start due to artists, and us still having to recruit, but we'll get there! Make sure you read the sign ups well, everything has changed, even the sign up form! =]
    Same here :)

    I must say it was a lot of luck, I was eating at this restaurant one day and I thought Hey, I should fill out an application. The manager was there so I gave it to him and he gave me an interview on the spot :O I was very shocked. Then I became buddies with this girl from work and she said her other job is hiring, so she basically got me that job.

    Ooh good luck! McDonalds never called me back, bunch of mofos :hmph: (jk :P) If you can it always helps to turn in the application in person to the manager. But seeing as you already handed it in that doesn't really help lol. Anyways hope you get it bud :grin:
    KENNNNNN YOU ARE BACK :gasp: I am gewd :grin: Very busy as of late, as I have two jobs, but overall pretty happy. How are you my bud
    Hmm.... :hmmm:

    Hiya! :)

    I'm gonna shoot straight into it, were you a fan of Ken Shamrock while he was in the WWF? XD
    Hello there. I'm extremely grateful got for the set you made me for my character in September, and I'm sorry for not noticing you replied sooner. I hadn't activated the notifications on the thread. ^^

    Of course, you shall be credited.
    Ah your 21st. The last time you'll have a noteworthy landmark on your birthday. Hope you have a good one and enjoy getting wasted. Happy birthday, Ken. :neomon:

    EDIT: Also buy a PS3. :mokken:
    Okay, I think I'll buy the first book sometime over the summer. I need more reading material anyways ^_^
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