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  • I saw that, still think Konami won't do a thing with it, but I guess they are at least pretending to care about their old games
    Yeah just click that Settings icon underneath the video and select 'Highlight'. Might wanna skip the beginning where you guys were all waiting for me to open up the quest though. :P So start around 16:00 and move the 2nd yellow marker towards the end. Then hit 'Describe Highlight', fill out description and title, and you're set. =] Thanks for streaming that, was really entertaining!
    Just wanted to say thank you. I appreciate the monthly updates you write up for Playstation+, I appreciate you taking the time to contribute to our forum. =]
    Sir Al, I need your assistance. I just found out that I have a $25 gift certificate from Best Buy ( :yay: ), so I would like to purchase a new game soon before it expires.

    But I'm not sure which game I should get: I'm in between Theatrhythm Curtain Call and Danganronpa 2 right now. I'm not sure if you played Theatrhythm though...
    Well, the final two cases were really good! I enjoyed the ending a lot. It was getting pretty crazy with the spy stuff, lol. I was really curious to see what he looked like, but the game kept trolling. xD I wish there was another extra episode... :/
    Special?? Just what on Earth does that mean?! (Earth, get it? xD)

    You better be right, Al-dono. :mokken:
    So I hear you've got FFXIV now too. Awesome. :) I'm kinda waiting until patch 2.1 before renewing my subscription (maybe even until Jan), but hopefully when I get back to it, y'all are still playing. I've got AC4 to keep me company for the time being (just started the game last night) as well!

    Btw, which class did you go with?
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