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    Was even starting to forget about the roleplay already. Tsk! But wow, I really like the design of that site. And it's nice 'Mikasa' as a username isn't taken somehow. Almost amazing how it hasn't already been taken, but humph, I'll take it.

    WUT. I could have sworn I dropped a message wanting that link! Maybe I was day-dreaming or something >_> Anyway! Send me da linkz.
    Aha! Finally~ Though, is there anything to take note of, or should I just hop on and have that VTOL make its way during my post? Maybe reach Dogma in a quick time skip? Or something else?
    Aha, and thus concludes the Highway Incident Arc :P I'm already of a mind to keep a summary of sorts, just in case.
    Haha, I must admit to not immediately realizing the reference though :P Now that you mentioned it, the dots connect.
    Gotcha! I think you could make a post having Rosetta already be there or do you want me, after a few more posts by others, to have a post up to bring her into the main continent?
    Woah. You've planned really far ahead huh! The "next season"?! O.O

    I like that though. :megusta2:

    I'll be sure to keep that in stall then, and focus on other aspects for this "season"! :P
    Sounds legit to me. Silvana being the revolutionary-wannabe that he is, he'll be keen to take Markus up on that offer, but his dislike of human is very real though... So I imagine you're going to have to gun for some sort of angle or leverage. Anyway, he'll be willing to let Rosetta go for several reasons: to test the Brutalis Mk V armour, to let Rosetta improve her skills to challenge him (another plot detail to be revealed if the RP progresses far enough :P). But sure, that idea sounds good enough to me ;) Go ahead whenever you're ready! I'll follow up accordingly.
    Definitely keen :D! I need a good reason. I started Rosetta out in Saevitia, so now it's rather difficult to move her elsewhere without something compelling.
    WUT? I REFUSE! :raye:

    ... But duly noted. Curious already to see how they'll be linked.
    Hm, so after Shen and Tips post, I put in a flashback of the conversation? Followed by your end with Marko also having a flashback from a different perspective, before he goes on to press that big red button labelled "Mecha Fleet"?
    I guess a best-friend-y conversation :lew:? Trading vicious insults and jokes that would make anyone else watching think the two hate each other.
    Huh? Wait on Silvana for the call? So... Does that mean I should mention what was discussed between the two? Or rather, what does that mean? I didn't understand that at all :P My bad.

    And my gmail's faitheodora@gmail.com
    Ooh, I guess I'll just set up more character backstory and relationships then :P Gonna take a backseat on the current events with Ralph and our bloodthirsty winged God and see what that goes first
    Hey hey hey~ Wanted to check in again, should I control the Wild Card to have him reply, or do we leave that out for plot reasons and stuff? I probably need to know if there's anything that will make the Wild Card behave differently since it'll affect my character who's still stuck in Saevitia until there's a reason to move on - assuming no one's going there (I recall Shenorai saying something about intending for her character to come though).
    I've already added you to my list and sent you a test message. I had also passed on the info to the other SS RPers. Whether or not they added you, I've no idea.
    Hell yes. My username's "Shenorai". Go figure. :p

    Once I have you on my list, I'll add you to the RP groups. We have one for Scattered Shadows and there's another one for general FFF RPs.
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