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  • Mr McGee! Very long time no see pal. Hope you're doing ok!
    Paddy McGee
    Paddy McGee
    That's great to hear. You still with that dude and living in your gaff?? Still working in Engineering, was it?

    I'm still a programmer - just different company, more money and that. Housing prices here certainly don't make life much easier, honestly.

    It's mad how we're all old enough to be "catching up" with people now; it was only yesterday I was calling everyone a cock on CoD.
    I am indeed! Yes I’m still an engineer, in quiet Cumbria, which was a blessing during lockdowns, woohoo for outdoor space!

    Good to hear, more money is always good. I found Dublin mad expensive when I came over a few years ago so I can only imagine what housing is like.

    Oh I know, I think I’ve been in general terrible at keeping in touch, the fact that it’s taken me 8 days to reply to you here speaks volumes (oops)
    Paddy McGee
    Paddy McGee
    been an indoor animal for about two years with work now - back in 2020 there was a "I'm now at 10 weeks without seeing another person outside of deliveries" period that really made me miss people.

    it's worse than you think! Don't move here lol I'm only around as much because my girlfriend is sick and I'm taking care of her 😂 usually I'd be taking a week to reply myself
    McGee it’s been soooo long
    How you keeping?
    Paddy McGee
    Paddy McGee
    Hahaha yeaaaaaaaaaah, I got a chicken alfredo... legit, would feel 5 people. Disgusting tbh. :lew:

    Congrats...? Hahaha leaving out Cumbria(it's English so naturally I don't like it, Irish Nationalism and all that) but I do remember you were feeling a little... iffy??? about your relationship a while back. Is that all sorted?

    Haha yeah I couldnt cope with that (I’m only small I’d definitely end up fat).
    Yeah I do still struggle occasionally with if this is what I want forever or not, we had some big discussions and we’ve agreed on stuff now though. Every so often I panic but it’s more about ‘what if there’s something better out there?’ than being unhappy which I don’t think is a reason to leave, since we are good 99% of the time!
    Paddy McGee
    Paddy McGee
    Haha yeaaaah it's a little disgusting at times tbh. When people finish it, it's a bit awful. Ever has legit Deep Dish pizza? There's so much of it!

    Ahhhh good! There's always gonna be "Grass is greener on the other side" I guess, but it's always good to reflect on it without that mindset!
    That's what I've just done pretty much. I'm sitting typing this from my new (well, second hand, but still, expensive!) MacBook Pro...

    Haha we have a telly upstairs I could use but I am not too anti-social :lew:
    Haha I'm the same to be honest. I just spend what I have, I thought I'd save loads as I get so much more than my student loan, but, nope :lew:

    it pretty much is, it's a pretty sleepy place.. well I find I don't play them as much, because Alex has a say on what goes on telly, and it's not always the PS4 :wacky:
    Haha not quite 5 star but I certainly wouldn't do hostel dorms with my fella :lew: would probably consider hostels if I was with friends on a budget still though. I may have more money now, but I am still stingy :lew:

    Yeah definitely :griin:

    Quite drinks down the pub are the best. Not that I could really go clubbing even if I wanted to any more - Whitehaven doesn't exactly have a banging nightlife.
    I haven't quite reached the knitting stage :wacky: I just play games...
    Haha you didn't scare her at all :lew: think she was just a bit tired. We stayed in a hostel and she's not a great sleeper anyway so a random bloke snoring all night didn't do her much good!
    I am a massive nerd :wacky: I'll post some photos when I've pulled the ones of the cafes off my phone and my tattoo has settled down a bit. The colour is patchy as fuck

    Hmm I mean, I've always had personal recommendations from other people that have helped me choose my artists. But I'd say make sure you do plenty of research, read reviews, ask opinions on artists from anyone you know that has tattoos that are any good.. Also a couple of good signs are artists with a decent waiting list, and that are pretty expensive - cheap artists that you can book in with the next day aren't a good sign :wacky: Good artists might have previous work on display too etc etc.

    Hahah I have not been to a club in so long :lew: I officially got boring man
    Hahah no time for clubbing any more at all :wacky: I'm hoping to get back over to Dublin at some point though, I loved it, and seems like it'd be more fun with a bit more cash than I took last time! I just went back to Leeds for the weekend for the first time since graduating. Came back with a moogle from Final Fantasy 9 tattooed on my shoulder... my nerdiness has hit a new level. It already went up a level when I visited two final fantasy themed cafes in Japan... I'll have to post pics of that soon.
    Sorry to hear that, hope you're doing okay (as okay as you can I guess). The US in the summer sounds good - whereabouts? We're off to NY in the new year so if you're in that are you'll have to let me know where's good.
    The wifey is good. I mean, hopefully I'll be HIS wifey soon enough. Just need the ring for gods sake :tehe:
    New job is good. I just don't have time for anything any more :gonk: just got back from a long holiday too - going back to work on the Monday was grim :sad3:

    How're you doing?
    Lmao wars with England never worked out too well for us :lew: even worse in sport. Celtic getting beat by barca 7-0 was a stinker. The score speaks wonders about Scottish football ugh
    These world cup qualifiers are a cunt!!!!! Just waiting to see Scotland fail again. Itd be typical :lew:
    Chin up.

    If you ever need a rant, please don't hesitate to send me a message, even if it's close to a novel! ♥
    Adam. Mitsuki wants me to tell you she has an entry for your comp.
    Ameeeeen to your mood post, sir. :D You'll be alright, mate. Lots of people care about you here, we've got you bro! =P
    Don't forget that a proper chair and desk count as appropriate and necessary upgrades for any loved shrine to lord GabeN.
    Don't forget that a proper chair and desk count as appropriate and necessary upgrades for any loved shrine to lord GabeN.
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