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  • Lewis! Good to see you the other week my old Scottish pal. We first spoke 10 years ago, hope that makes you feel old because it bloody does me!!!
    Good to have you back bud. Not asking you to stay but.. there might be money in it. (don't tell the others)
    lewis it's been so long! where have you been! haven't heard from you since you bailed on me last year when I was in Aberdeen
    ALSO why am i not allowed emojis on this any more i just tried to put two in and it just puts the text :rage:
    Lewis! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN! Send me an IM and your phone number ):< hope you had a good birthday, I am sure you are getting old by now, you must be. Im thirty fucking four
    omg i cant believe i havent been on here since 2016 wtf????? i feel like ive logged on recently :lew: all ive been playing is uc4 hahaa but ill look into the ones u mentioned
    Ive opt painted anything for ages D: Tell your mate to bugger off hahaha, does that mean you have a mono brow though? You'll ahve to sort that out Lew, no wonder your having no luck witht he ladies xD Also will you get on facebook, I keep forgetting about this place lol. It's the wedding of the year next month, I will be sat at home with my feet up with my husband and a glass of wine whilst they are having a wednesday wedding in between christmas and new year, I bet it will be shit lol.

    yeah i just got platinum on it about an hour ago! Some stupid mini game was the last thing on my to-do list. Didnt take as long as i thought it would to do it though thank god. The control pad nearly went through the tv a few times though
    Just letting you know that I read that book about the Terracotta Army and the First Emperor of China which you recommended. I really enjoyed it, and I like how he fits the reception of history into the context of modern China too. I found that I've been really ignorant of Chinese history (I didn't know anything about Legalist philosophy and how scary that was - I just assumed that most people liked Confucianism!). Thanks for that.
    Haha oh dear :lew: I'll have to get logged on to Skype again for a change then! Wow I don't envy you, I've been working super late all this week, and it sucks! The job is mostly good though, enjoying being busy and having money really. Beers are on me if I see ya again! You don't want to visit me in rainy rainy Cumbria I'm sure, will have to see you in Scotland some time :grin:
    yeah he was telling me the other day and i watched some vids it looks pretty cool. i didnt know the demo/beta was out otherwise id have given it a go but i loved left 4 dead so id probably like this one. ill have to see some more of it before making a decision but we definitely need a game all of us are on like the good old days when i used to whoop your arses regularly. lmao about the kid beating you, you probably let him beat you though out of politeness. not me, id have beaten him anyway its all about DEM STATS. i played the cod beta and it was alright actually... although i cant see myself getting the game, pretty much the same in that im done with it for the foreseeable future.
    i like that sort of patriotism for your country! its nice to see people having pride in their homeland. kentucky winters get pretty cold (i dont even have heaters :lew: ) so i'm not worried about the cold (luckily i've got irish blood, my grandma says it makes us able to stand it more than others, not sure how much truth is to that tho lol). but what's the average winter day and night like over there? right now (at night) its pretty warm, 28 outside, i think.
    Just been busy. Loooots of happenings in life. And I feel u on the age. We're closer to 30 than 20 now. :gonk: What's been happening to you tho? And lol regards to your sister <3

    Speaking of the job, I quit last month without having another to move to (but thank God 2 weeks after I got another job). The experience was horrible. I worked 14 hours a day, which is something I can take, but corporate politics were bad and my bosses were a-holes. I figured I didn't need to waste any more time in a place that was suffocating me so I left. I endured for months, but some days were so hard, I cried going to work and going home. It was tough, but it changed me.

    First day at the new job is on Monday, so here's hoping it's not so bad. Though I'd be surprised if anything can top the last one. :wacky:
    Don't worry, I just got it. I've listened to it and... meh. I dunno, not really a big fan? It Matters is a nice song, and Pretty Grids kinda reminds me of Kid Gloves by Marmaduke Duke? lmao. :lew: They still have good lyrics!

    I think "Through" is my favourite, though. :lew:

    Look around, that’s not me
    Not one shred of who I’ll be
    You don’t know what I’d do
    The one way getting out is through
    Yes they are, every time this happens though I quietly hope we'll challenge but then the big disappointment comes :sad:

    How you been anyway? I got Battlefield 1 dont judge me. did you play the cod beta?
    Step down?! No way! :lew:

    Then again, I don't think there's genuinely one Biffy song that I dislike... :wacky:
    Don't, Won't, Can't is an amazing song, I think that's my favourite too!

    I've not listened to the new Jimmy one yet, but then I've never been a HUGE fan. I'll check it out sometime!
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