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  • The TV show is even giving him another yet to get his shit together but is he fuck.
    Haha yeah I know what you mean. I'm not so poor anymore but still 'student life' it up as much as I can. Probably more than I really should be to be honest. :wacky:
    Is there even any point in reading them at all now? He isn't even going to be bringing out the next book before the series finishes! Swine. Daenerys and Jon though? Totally saw that bit of incest goodness coming a miles off! haha

    Yeah I'm good thanks. Yourself?
    I have no idea if you are still about around here, will see this or if you are even still alive but I logged back on just to tell you...

    ...I still haven't finished A Dance with Dragons.
    Oooooooh, fancy!

    Tbh, I'm so antisocial when I'm doing something like playing games. Sitting alone away from people is like heaven for it. :lew:
    :lew: Yeaaaah it's really dangerous. You can just go "Hey, I want a phone" and buy it without any thought!

    :lew: Buy another TV?
    :lew: Since getting a full-time job, I realised how bad I am with money. The money I spent on hotels and stuff with my last girlfriend- we broke up in December- is beyond. No debt, but just silly money!

    Whitehaven sounds like an OAP retirement village. I knew you were old but wow Tosh, already?!
    Playing games... It's amazing how much time you have to play them compared to Uni days, eh?
    :lew: Awww alrighty then! Though, I bet there aren't hostels for Toshy anymore, eh? 5 star hotels?

    Shop around and go for people in demand, as usually, that's a good sign? Makes sense to me! Thanks :lew:

    Same here. They don't really interest me anymore! Quiet drinks are the way to go. I also really hate attempting to chat people up in a club. It's fucking shit tbh! :lew:

    Atleast I'm not Nana Charlie, knitting at home after work :britt:
    :lew: Awww good! Dublin might be better; although I did wonder if I scared your friend off! Belfast, Galway are also really great fun.

    You big giant nerd. It's almost like we both go on a website for discussing video games! Do post pictures though- everyone loves photos!

    Also; you're the tattoo expert- I was thinking of getting one in memory of my dad. What should I look for in a good artist?

    :lew: Mate, I remember when you were all about that party life and now you're about weddings? Wow.
    Hahaha no time for clubbing and Ireland visits!!! :lew:

    I'm doing alright; my dad recently died so I'm just taking it day by day. Going to the US in the Summer- work's paying for it.
    Unless it's a message on here or Skype I can't reply lol. My phone at the moment is a Nokia from like 2001!!! Old Skool texting is so awkward and garbage I hate it!!! I've been working super hard. 60-70 hour weeks. Paying off debts.....still about a five figure sum to go but I'm getting there :lew: how's working life? Getting on OK? Bet your earning a fortune now! Beers on you mate.
    Thanks mate! I've got a new number now. Ee cut me off so I got a pay as you go sim. Then dropped my phone after a job interview lmao. I wasn't used to dress trousers and their stupid pockets!! I got a job with woodgroup so I'm working on paying off my debts. I had the weirdest dream about you a few days ago. You tried to take over the world and I had to stop you turning everyone English. But you beat me up and I woke up hahahaha. Think my brain is goin daft lol cuz obviously in a real fight I'd kick yer arse so bad you'd be speaking the Gaelic tongue!
    Dont even start :hmph: Im unemplyed my PC cut me off. Im fucked :hmph: infact dont even reply cuz im fucked ;_;
    HAHAHA loook who it is

    How the fuck are ya doin tosh? :mrgreen:?

    I was actually watching the IT crowd the other day and i thought of you :lew:
    im alright just the same old life for me, which is actually a good thing i guess thngs could get worse :lew:

    its one big clusterfuck of lies to me :lew: i dont like following it all and watching the debates however, even if im otherwise not very enthusiastic about politics. i have no idea who to vote for so ill probably not bother :wacky: all these debates do is put me off voting.
    excited for the general election? you must be jokin!

    Nono im still here im just drifting in and out of the scene these days but im still around albeit rarely. How you keepin thsese days?
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