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  • What is Bruce Lee’s favourite drink? >.>


    ....I'm dead, ok.
    Pretty good bud. Lots of work as of late, which is never a bad thing. I am playing a bit of elder scrolls with no sub fee right now, but might be coming back to FFXIV in the summer time.
    Going by the concept of going back to realistic war, I'm really looking forward to it. I haven't actually seen any gameplay yet though so I'll be doing that nearer the release date. But yeah, those were amazing times. Always someone on to play with when we were bored :lew:. Get back to me if you decide to nab it :sir:.
    you never know, man. this could wake up your country hopefully and things maybe might take a better turn.
    recently, libs are demanding the "muslim ban" to be removed and a few MSM have been saying we dont need bans on the 7 countries because there hasn't been any terrorist attacks, well trump's team said the MSM just doesn't report on the attacks, and now the MSM are proving that they reported on the islamic attacks and they're talking about all of the attacks and stuff..... which is reminding people why we need the ban, thus proving trump's point. :lew:

    the entire thing is amazing, even if trump is a shill, i love seeing liberals losing their shit like this :ohoho:
    rap battle is def the right word. i don't know may's policies at all, but I like that she's willing to at least listen to people and not bending to the whim of people saying don't work with trump. the UK and USA should always be partners, no matter what. and i like that she's interested in keeping our relationship on good terms.

    i personally think trump is doing fantastic. he's turning out to be better than i ever expected. he's a man of his word. i said if he could do 50% of his 100 day plan then he would be a great president (and I was not in support of trump at all during the election, didnt vote either) and he's quickly getting most of it done already by three weeks time. it's impressive. libertarians like rand paul (who isn't trump's biggest fan AT ALL, they fought at debates all the time) are praising him for a lot of his decisions.

    ofc liberals are pissed off about him. he's doing what he said he would (which is why the country elected him) and they're throwing a hissy fit.
    Ok mate, add me on steam or something and message me when you wanna tackle one. Could use some decent peopleto help me complete Gilgamesh tho

    Can you believe this was 3 months ago. It was a mess.

    9:13 I'm gay.

    are u kidding :lew: i tried it twice so far and i died almost instantly. and my team was all 99s
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