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  • Looks like both programs are working well, thank you for the help it's always appreciated!!
    This post! < :lew: This reminds me of the time when you deliberately went to the self-service checkout with the way longer queue, rather than go to the manned till (that had the grand total of one person waiting). I was like "Uh dude..." and you looked at me with that "Yep, no gurl" look on your face and said "There's no way I'm going up there and having to talk to someone just to buy my shit".

    Couldn't help giggling. I totally busted your chops on that one. :D
    Hey you, haven't seen you around these parts lately!

    Sent you the Nana Bear yesterday since I've been able to resub for this month. Hopefully we'll get some time to play on FFXIV soon?
    Ah that adorable, you getting all kawaiied out by a Puff of Darkness! :cali:

    Anyway, yeah I already got a Nana Bear. Forked out a few 100k for it actually then decided to donate this another. :lew: Anyways, I'll just send it on to you for resale on the Market Board! Make a bit of dosh on it.
    Yeah sure, no problem. Even if you have it, you can still sell the minion on the Market Board if you want, or donate it to another player.
    I know you're not playing much FFXIV these days, but since you won 1st Place in the monthly raffle, I was wondering if you want/need the bonus Nana Bear minion prize? Didn't want to insult your greatness by giving you something you may already have loads of and perhaps selling in the markets or something! :P
    M'hm. Which is why I'm not touching the parts this time. Can't wait to get things back in order.
    Thanks for that motherboard suggestion. Ordered it and arrived safely today. Now just need to drop it off at my friend's place next week.
    No, the part where I don't steal all your woman that you try to get. Now go work on Triple Triad and stop stalling!
    You know, if you could do your job without me having to whip you all the damn time, maybe you would see my nice side! :mokken:
    Does this have to do with me bugging you about Triple Triad so many times??? WHICH BY THE WAYS isn't around yet...

    I know you are lurking somewhere around here! Why do you never wanna talk anymore? Do you hate the site???
    its probably not up to date anymore xD I have a new one for my 3ds and my Poke Alpha Sapphire but if you got that I'd be happy to add you XD
    ....that's deep man.

    I sense there's more significance behind those words but it eludes me. :lew:
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