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  • One week colored username for the monthly raffle. Adri's suggestion.

    Let me know if you want a colored name. :)
    I'm pretty sure the admins will allow you a free name change because you couldn't foresee the issues this one would bring. Just PM Ilyena or Mitsuki.

    Why don't you think of something clever to either go with Squall or Leonhart? :) As soon as your name has no more weird signs, I'll donate the SOTW entrant Gil. Sorry for the wait, sadly it can't be helped for now.
    Your username is making donations impossible. Given the admins a heads up, but that's why you've not received your SOTW donation yet. ;)
    That's 'cause I have to manually edit it. :P Done! Later when you move up to Tribunus, just remind me to change it and I'll do that for free.
    Hahaha, I'll let her know how to friend you back. =]

    No problem for waiting at all, I much rather we have more entries. What's two hours anyway?

    I'm going to get some groceries done before I start on computer work actually... Good timing, Aaron! :lew:
    Oh, that's perfectly fine. Let's say two hours from now, then? Send it in when you're ready and then I'll go ahead with SOTW.

    I'll go work on that resource pack I promised you, so that you can use that for future signatures. :lew:
    I was about to go ahead and get the voting up. How many hours do you think you'll need?
    Looks like your Code Geass group never really got off the ground, but I joined it anyways for obvious reasons :P

    Anyway I found it and your profile via the Nintendo FC thread while trollin' for people that also has Gen VI of Pokemans, having recently gotten into it again after not seriously playing it since Gold. Is that code still valid and if so, any raging objections to adding you?
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