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  • I see that you've joined the LS by now. Sorry about that xD I don't think we logged on at similar times >D
    Sorry for the late reply been a busy time the past couple months, xD yeah P5 news at last took them long enough :P, and I'm good I have nearly all my DL Gear, and I have my +1 Spear I just haven't been on enough to do a Coil Raid xD
    Thank you Steves :D

    I have to get away from the drama of DF once in a while ;D I kid! I love DF too much!! :spaz::dance::ken::star::selphie:
    Well don't expect too much, even on Very hard the fights are pretty easy if anything you just have to level a little more than usual to survive xD
    Stevie I would like you to take a look at my latest VM's.

    I think potential candidates should be chosen by the people by voting! I dont know who exactly applied, but if I had a say I would have chosen you.
    Hey, Steves.

    Just wanted to give you a heads up that my short lived Shop has been closed. I figured it would give me inspiration - but actually it's frustrating. xD If people want requests they can PM me. Also, I won't be able to work with the image you provided... I tried a few times, it's just not my style. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Not gay but I LOVE YOU DAMMIT XD

    Love this info~

    Randomizer, does it act as Liz's new DP?
    Garu sounds better now
    Agi Buffs sound nice too xD
    Yeah Garu chains are a bread and butter to make her broken :\
    I'm glad the Auto combos changed Liz's was really broken and crazy.
    1 Hit Zio could hurt her a bit but we'll see.
    ooo nice she can heal quite a bit.

    I'm hoping Garu can still be chained by sweeping then using garu x.x

    Wait what o_O she has access to more than just thanatos now? or did they just scrap thana and give her random stuff -looks on mayo!-
    Wait the normal Sweep? or the Lightning Slide? and his Oki?(Instant Kill?) it wasn't all that useful xD and cool I'll check it out on there too then, I hope Liz/Shadow Lab are untouched they're my mains~ D:
    Good to hear, Glad it got a sequel like I was hoping, I'm happy Yukari is in it but not sure on Junpei xD shame Minato isn't in it I'd laugh if he got to appear.

    But awesome thanks for the update, be sure to lemme know if you hear anything more on it :3
    Once we have the concepts done and potential teammates, we'll be able to launch. I suspect, we need 5 or 6 with our 2.
    It's got men in metal suits, mechas, horrors of gene therapy, and many more! I'm looking to add more enemies as one of my main and channy's are heads of their respective companies. In the story, I've made 4 leading business giants as the ones who monopolizes the world through mechs, weapons, suits and cyber warfare. The elemental children are the new kids introduced into the game.
    The synopsis is that young men and women given elemental powers through gene manipulation and research thanks to a world renowned corporation has been awakened from their cryogenic prisons due to external intervention by a rival corporation. They plot to escape and see what kind of world awaits them as well as their future while overcoming the horrors and various challenges that caused them to escape.
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