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    I like the default black/orange one.
    Hey there!

    Thank you for your warm welcome!

    Oh really?

    Yeah, it's my favourite out of all the ones I've played! What's yours? Thank you very much indeed. :)
    Thank you!C: I missed you and the forum, too!
    I often visit FFF, but mostly from my smartphone. And I guess I'm not logged in from it, so you might not see that I am stalking, haha. xD
    But nowadays I try to come here more often, and be more active. I still don't feel I do it the right way, but I won't give up. :D

    How are you nowadays? I hope you are doing well. ^^
    I'll give it a go! :lew:. I've bought the ticket.
    Thanks for the heads up Mits :).
    Fancy is another term we'd use for that haha! That's an awesome gift, especially with the way you go through journals.

    That's great news that your nearing the final hurdle in the medical course you're taking (do I recall correctly that it is for Nursing?). I know that its something closer to your heart anyway and it's a credit to you that you've almost reached your goal. And don't worry, you'll persevere and get there; you're too stubborn to give up! :D

    Everything has been alright, I've decided to go back to college myself and finish my Art & Design course. For the first semester we've been doing general studies but for the second we have to pick three electives to identify which discipline we want to follow. It'll be a tough choice because there's so many of them that I want to do; it's like selecting a crafting class in FFXIV to specialise in :gonk:
    That's great, glad to hear it. Did you get anything special as a pressie? It has been for sure; have you been keeping well and how goes the design course?
    Happy Birthday Mitsuki :cake: Hope you have a lovely day and get some chill time into the mix.
    Sorry to bother ya, but how do I check what milestones I have achieved? :hmmm: I'm pretty sure I didn't get any this year but I want to make sure :wacky:
    Thanks. I'm probably not going to be as active as some people. Just here because I've got a prompt for a Final Fantasy XV fanfic that I would want to see written, but I'm also smart enough to know that I should at least start the thing myself if I want anyone to pick it up.
    I haven't just yet, probably around once the new year begins I'll pick it back up again. I couldn't get into Lamia once it downloaded unfortunately so I decided to wait on it haha.
    i did, i used it for a while. but the lightness of it irritated my eyes *prepares for told you so*

    thank you mits :ohoho: i hope you and your family have a wonderful and blessed christmas, too. ♥
    i hope that it counts if i take the scavenger hunt pics from stores? i can afford any of that so i gotta do it the embarrassing way.
    hey, mits. i notice i have 4 GP and im not sure how i got them. i think maybe there was a mistake and i was given them by accident. i cant remember where i could have earned them from :lew:
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