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  • Whaaa--wait, what's in it for me? It looks complicated! My mind can only process so much. @.@
    You can post it in youtube.

    Actually a few of us are gonna record some parts too. Wanna collaborate our voices? xD Basically we can all choose parts of the poem we want to record, etc. It'll have to be after Kira's voices competition though.
    Hey that soft trick with the stroper came in quite handy! Thanks for the information, I was sure to share it in the video and tried to give you credit but messed up when I tried to prounouce your name lol. Silly me.
    Ooooh cool I'll keep that in mind! I'm pretty much caught up right now but I will probably end up getting way ahead on recording in a week or two once my job calms down a bit.
    Hey Shace, if you get the chance, can you do me a favour?

    Navigate to MogShop > Inventory and look for the item called Staff Reward #1 it should currently be active. Can you tell me if you see anything like an expiration date under it or anything of the sort? Let me know. Thanks for your cooperation. :D
    And you assume that I, Galadín the Great, have no back-up plan for thwarting the deeds of my goody, goody twin? :amg:

    Your ignorance amuses me. :smartass:
    Yeah I honestly doubt it'll mean anything as well. Nevertheless I felt it was worth showing to others anyway.
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