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  • No problem :wacky: I really don't know how to pronounce the last part either, it is an FFXIV enemy, and since I don't play FFXIV people on here call me the Paissa :wacky: You can just refer to me as Shace :elmo:

    Also if you are in Treno for the card quest and haven't done it yet, you should really take a side trip to the south gate and head to Dali, this is the only chance to go to the room where the Mayor was (he will be gone) and search for the key. I think it was either in the Heater or the Desk (I forget which) but be sure once you search one, keep searching it until the person on the couch falls asleep!

    After you get the Mayor key you can go to the windmill (and collect all the treasure there) then go to the locked door and get some nice gil!
    Just a heads up, if you haven't gotten to the lifa tree yet (not sure how far you play beyond your recordings) If you want to go through the regular monsters fast a fun little tip if you didn't know this, the two zombies can almost be killed by phoenix downs (basically one more hit from any of your party members should kill them if you have a lot of phoenix downs) and the Stroper (the weird tree thing with tentacles) can be killed with a soft, so stock up on those items if you wanna rush through the area and still level up pretty good!
    Ok, danke sir. I'll make sure to watch the show first then and see if I even like the series too :s.
    Ahhhh, I loved both seasons of Walking Dead by them myself. Have Wolf Among Us to play too sometime. That backlog though :/.
    Do you think Game of Thrones is good if you haven't seen the show?
    Hey West! How're you finding that Game of Thrones game? I can't watch that one 'cause it way too much of a spoilerific story-based game, but I'd love to know if it's worth playing :s.
    Ohhh Amarant! You sir have good taste. Yeah, Lost Odyssey is such a good game! While I had the odd technical issue with that LP (the lappy couldn't cut recording 360 games...), I hope so much that you enjoy it. Look out for Jansen's triplets :britt:.
    Hi Westershire! Good to see another consistent LPer around! While I've only been catching bits of each episode (I'm gonna be playing After Years soon for the first time so want to avoid spoilers), I can see for sure that it's excellent quality in all areas. It gives me something to aim for :).
    See you around!
    Welcome to the forums! Please enjoy your stay! If you need anything at all just holler!
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