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  • Oh hey Shu!
    I just saw your message from February, sorry I haven't checked this site in ages. I hope you've been doing well man.
    Time flew by , hope youre doing well Shu cant remember the old username i had from when i was active but ill prolly be lurking in the shadows
    Haha thanks!
    It's from the band 'Ghost'. The singer Tobias Forge plays a character named Papa Emeritus, now called Cardinal Copia.
    I got you, very cool all the same.
    I've heard ES is pretty good, but they struggled a bit for a while or something like that. FFXIV has gone a bit quiet but it'll be great to see you back again like always man.
    Thanks! :) There' quite a list of books I enjoy! The Dark Tower was one of my early favourite series.
    Read your post. Take it easy, Tyler. I hope things look up soon.
    I will post here and wonder if you don't respond to me, even if you don't remember me, because that is the magic of the moment.
    Any chance to you can the thread up today? Advice against hotmail for now as well.

    Also, the DBTech - vBMail via ACP seems to be broken. Few users (including me) have set Bounce Flag to Yes, which prevents users from receiving any mail from mailing lists. No idea why mine is set to Bounce Flag. My email is valid.

    I was advised to manually change that to No last week to see if it fixes the email confirmation issue (whether it's related or not, I don't know), which I did for myself, but after re-checking today, I found that it automatically sets it back to Yes. Notified techies about it.
    ahahaha dont talk about the viagra mate. Times aint so good when ya have to rely on that. It works for too long aswell sometimes :lew: It gets sore :lew:
    Thank you very much! I really enjoy being here, you guys are awesome and so nice!!>3<
    Cerberus it is! You only get to name once in a lifetime, and I like it, so I approve. :P Already created an emblem on Illustrator, originally designed. It was either that or Crusaders but that sounds so dramatic.
    Tia said she might go. Only a couple states away. It'd be cool to hang out for the weekend, so let me know if you are planning a trip. I'm going anyway regardless - it's a chance to see New York. Family's coming mom said she'd help pay for our plane tickets. :D She'll end up touring NYC with my brother in the weekend. Siblings are going too. It kind of turned into a family trip but it'll be one big Final Fantasy weekend for me.

    /nerd out
    Maybe you can record yourself while taking that exam? Hmm? I wanna see the clueless look on your face. :)
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