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  • Because you are making America great again? And then what's next? Kiwiland?
    Just realized I didn't change your username back. Did you wanna keep this or switch back?
    He reminds me in Jim Morrison in the early videos. Purely because of the way he dances about with his microphone. Stone roses fans are quite peculiar because the die hards are mostly of the 80s era, love their football and hooliganism. Its quite pathetic cuz most wouldnt even look the way of another rock band. Kinda like what kasabian are now.
    Ive been listening to santa emserlda loads lately. The cover of the Animals song dont let me be misunderstood? Definitely the definitive version of the song.
    I was pretty much the same. I still listen to the Division Bell pretty often but their other albums just came on seldom on random. The Walls really meant to be listened to as one big track really but its a bit tough going as not all the songs are that good. Kinda like sitting through the Godfather part 2.
    Stone Roses are great. I got into them pretty late to be honest but i like what i hear. Ian Browns solo stuff is really good aswell. Definitely worth a listen if you havent already.
    Your name is.. familiar. Though your caption.. I can take that one of two ways.
    I wanted to quit smoking. Its been 2 weeks since i stopped. I feel better though i still miss having a smoke when i really want one.

    Also did you see Lou Reed died? At the age of 71. He did really well for a guy with his interests.
    Are you looking in the right place? The option moved when the site was upgraded. It's under "Edit Profile" and not with the email and password options now.
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