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  • Things are alright! Olivia accidentally summoned me back here so I'm lurking again. I'm glad life is good for you, even if it is busy. At least busy's not always bad!
    I'm actually playing Resident Evil right now! I guess I really haven't changed much, haha. I've been doing alright, not a lot to say really... well, a lot, but this really wouldn't be the place for that. :wacky: (Oh it feels weird using that again).

    I'm usually drifting around on Skype if you ever want to chat on there, username is same as here but all lowercase - would be nice to catch up sometime.
    Uh.... Tia... :lew:

    You know Adam recieved 36GP for his Staff pay? Is there any way I can apply for this bonus? :wacky:

    lmao! <3
    Two! Wow. I'm sure they keep you busy enough without school, and I think I recently saw the two of them together on Facebook now that I think about it. :) In all, been pretty consumed with work and family, but decided to poke my head up and see what's been going on.
    danke tia :ohoho: im glad to be back. even if my depression comes back, i'm gonna try and keep up with my hobbies. how's everything with you?
    Just wishing you and Stang luck! Hope all goes smooth! :wacky: Ew. Smooth. Too much info, Tia.
    No worries, I get it. Good luck with wrangling anything related to Stang :wacky:
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