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  • Ive saw you online but i dont have uc4 yet tho ;_; I bought that world of final fantasy today and just realised civilisation 6 is out. Shoulda bought that =_= Sometimes i feel like my little cousin cuz he loves to play minecraft on his ps4. Yet i play that probably a thousand times more than he does :lew: Have you got rocket league? Cuz thats a superb game! of which ima pro!
    We did have eachother on PSN lol. Your username was something like bananasbluerose if i remember :lew: Geez :lew: liberation_8914. Thats me. We chatted on fb. Said id meet him for a beer but i dropped my phone soon afterwards and it broke into a zillion pieces ;_; MR lewis...i like that. Makes me feel important. Gunna tell the guys at work to call me that :smug
    I'll forgive you this one time. :ahmed:

    How are you these days though? I don't remember how old you are now at the top of my head, but I'm hitting 30 this November. Sucks ass.

    I can now play UC4 since I have the PS Plus. Got it a few weeks ago. I was regretting subscribing too but now I have reasons to make the most of it! I'll catch you when I see you on then.

    And just now saw your thread!
    How ya doin amigo!? My iPad just asked if I wanted to add you to my 'block list' whatever that is. :lew: been a while since we talked. I think I missed you. Wel play uc4 soon and il beat you bad.....maybe. How you doing these days? Still speak to the ole crew? I spoke to Jim last week for the first time in ages. Can't believe he came out as gay lol. If yer on the psn make sure to add me chum ��
    Hahaha you little bitcholina, you couldn't even wait! Oh well you were close enough!

    My friend code is 5043-1825-5190

    I'm going to message you on FB now though because fuck logging in here haha.
    This is the only evil place I can message you now while I'm on holidays!
    Unless you still have a facebook, I haven't checked, I can message you on there instead.

    Have you caved and opened your 3DS yet? You better not have....
    I just finished Bioshock infinite. It was pretty good. The end caught me out. Never saw it coming. I liked the characters the best out of the series but i prefer bioshock 1. Did you like it?
    My eyes have been bloodshot and yellow the past three days, I consider 3 hours sleep a night a lie in, I haven't eaten properly in more than a week, and I am losing my voice. College exams are so great
    She sounds like she is on heroin, and still sounds incredible. The bitch

    I am watching Metal Gear Solid's Let's Plays, I had always heard the director was pretty strange. In one of the really old ones he had a team develop an algorithm for melting ice so that ice would melt realistically depending on how much of it there was and how close it was to other ice etc. It was really incredible for PS2 graphics and processors. And he made them develop that for an ice bucket in a random empty room that you can shoot to knock over if you feel like it.
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