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  • Ah Rukai thanks, I know I'm handsome but what's up man? How's everything going for you?
    Hey there!
    Thanks for the random visitor message, and also for the random Ultros image. Never a bad thing to have them.

    How are you? :argor:
    Ha. :argor:

    Those were interesting times.

    Three years on and I have still not cosplayed Ultros. :sad2:
    You logged in, right? so you don't get deleted? D: Because March is almost ending!
    I'm not keen on RP'ing either. I'm either not active enough, or no-one else is. I guess I just want to write stories. I'd love to do that one.

    On the topic of Ultros being in games... They've now revealed that he's going to be in FFXIII-2 as DLC. He looks a lot like he does in FFVI, but he has white tattoos for some reason. He seems to keep his personality though, so that looks like a great thing.
    Haha... TD mode is my mode :P, also the hacker issue is becoming less of a problem now since they put a kick system not long ago.
    I agree. :sad2:

    Ultros' only true appearances have been in FFVI and Chocobo Dungeon (he appeared in 3D as a boss who also had talking parts as well, I think - I've only seen it on Youtube once a couple of years ago). In his other appearances he's only been added as an afterthought or in a remake / re-release of an earlier game. I think they put him in FFXII too, but he was only a mark, and he was transformed into a flan / blob rather than an octopus. :sad2:

    I'd personally love an FFVI spinoff with Ultros... Or, even better, have a cross-dimensional game with Gilgamesh as the lead. He can be falling through the void into different worlds and can pick up a party on the way. He can rescue Ultros from his servitude in the Dragon Colosseum and they, along with Hippaul, could have a fantastic adventure.

    If they don't make this game, we should. Alternatively, that would make a fantastic RP.
    Uncle Ulty is a fantastic character.

    I probably should do that.

    I don't think my face would fit onto it this time though. However, I do love my Ultros.
    Oi, Ruka... Rukai now >_> I could use your mage gear for my poor naked mage if you stopped playing Megaten. D:

    Btw did you try playing S4 League? It's fun. :P
    Ah. That explains it then. :argor:

    I had to get rid of the Cait Sith avatar since it started to freak people out once they realised that it was my face on Cait Sith. :sad2:

    I currently have a Gingerbread Man avatar because I was metamorphosed into a Gingerbread Man for a sort of festive Christmas joke.

    I'm trying to decide whether or not I want a new identity to mark a new me, or something like that.
    Btw Ruka talk to me on MSN (You still have one, right?) since I'm on it most of the time, because I'll never know when you log in Megaten. My ID is
    Things are alright.

    I don’t game much right now. Only the occasional bit of Uncharted 3. And that is only really for venting out my locked up desires which I do not act out either in real life or in my dreams (blowing people to smithereens and thrust-taunting their corpses :woot:).

    The forum will have changed a bit since you were last here, I'd think. I've not been super-duper active myself so there have been a lot of people I've drifted away from and am likely a forgotten entity by now with a lot of them. There are still lots of older members though, but people just change their names. You may remember more of them than you think. Generally speaking though, some of the old RPG folk are much less active these days. Or at least, if they are active, it must be at a time that I never see them.
    Yea, I saw Atlus moving announcement. Also the IGN I mostly use is "Nagrez". However, I also have "Rassler" which I play with from time to time.
    What are you talking about, bish? D:< Btw give me your stuff on Megaten D:<
    Aunt Rukalucia! :O

    That smiley is indeed the sort of smiley I need for being a sad troll.

    Good to see you back. :argor:

    How are you?
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