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  • Hi Dan,

    Is there a specific thing I need to do to get the URL of my twitch channel changed on the forum? (https://www.twitch.tv/colourmesix) I don't know if that's something I have to repurchase if I'm just changing the URL. If not, could you please change it for me? Let me know. Thanks! :)
    nah, i figured it was just forgotten. it doesnt matter to me anyway. im just waiting until i can reset my name in march :lew:
    Its amazing. The whole thing was discovered by some Chinese farmers living in poverty. They tried to dig a well and ended up finding one of the biggest finds in history. I wont say anymore cuz you gotta read it. One of the best things ive read in a long long time. The Chinese were so far ahead of the world pre BC its unreal. There should be more documentaries about them on the tele. I dunno why theyre ignored =/
    I just read the most amazing book about the first emperor of China and how he formed the country and why the Terracotta Army was made to protect him after death. Think the book was by John Mann? I know your a history fan and I can't recommend it enough. The books called the Terracotta Army. You should defo read it. I'm trying to tell my mates about it but no one is interested lol. It's only my list of things to see before I die now
    Hi Dan,

    So I was just a bit overwhelmed trying to remember and I figured I'd just ask. Was there anything else that I needed to do for you? I've done the article banner, the Mythology Manual banner, was there anything else you needed done? I can't remember! Ahhhh! :gasp:
    Whew, now I'll be able to sleep tonight :lew:

    All good, thanks for the heads-up :)
    Did you get my PM earlier about the Social Groups idea? I wrote a huge wall of PM regarding that, and I thought I sent it, but I don't see it in my Sent folders...
    Thank you. It does show...so apparently our usergroup is a non-issue. :hmmm: You can't see other members' albums in the main Album area, right?
    Hi Dan, can you create an album here and post a couple pictures? http://www.finalfantasyforums.net/album.php

    The feature seems to be broken, but I'm trying to figure out if it's a usergroup permission or what. I don't think it is because all UGs have the same exact permissions for this. Basically users can see my albums (not FFF's) but I can't see theirs. I can see FFF's albums though, and the account is under Veterans usergroup, so it's weird.
    Fancy meeting us in NJ on Jan?

    I would go to the London event but I don't think I'd have enough saved up for that!
    I definitely think you should decrease Andre's health! Try not to be too meticulous with things! I start to worry about your health instead. :P Set a limit to your rounds if you have to. (e.g. after five rounds of drawing, start wrapping it up).
    Awesome thanks! Actually an idea is that rather than draw everyone who's been eliminated, you only draw the finishing moves made by your team. That way it's not too much work.
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