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  • Augh, that sounds absolutely miserable, especially not being able to see axes and hammers at the last boss. That thing gives me trouble at the best of times, what with my positional awareness being around the level of a fly bouncing off a lightbulb.
    Phew. Law degrees are brutal from what I've read, but it sounds like you've done more than you have left to do.

    I don't even want to imagine Wiping City of Stacks on PS3, though. :gonk: Right now my Internet's somewhere between post apocalyptic and sloth in terms of speed, so I can't really do the hardcore content like I want to. Nidhogg's out of the question, as is most Savage Alex. Maybe we should rob a bank?

    I've been pretty awesome, actually! Jess mentioned she'd checked in about a month back so I figured I'd do the same. I spend most of my free time gaming nowadays. Diablo, Overwatch, FFXIV, though having such expensive tastes comes with a lot of overtime at the old job. How are things on your end?
    Dude, I got tired of seeing those damn horns off that thing. That Au Ra look wasn't doing it for me anymore :mokken:
    Ew. I would rather spend extra Gil that has materia attached to it.

    Actually that happened several months ago...I lost a few million just trying to attach a materia. I logged off feeling so pissed off, lol.
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