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  • I had one run with the FC. The following happened:

    - Half the party took a good 2 minutes to load in, so the first wave of mobs were practically dead by then.
    - Our tank took another good minute to load in so I prayed quietly to myself that my co-healer (Kira) was awake.
    - A constant frame rate of like 15fps to be generous in fights.
    - Stuttering at Forgall when adds showed up and consequently I reacted too slowly to Hell Wind.
    - Ozma was actually okay until we were sucked into the other dimension. The bloody enemies wouldn't load in until they were dead so I was standing there looking stupid.
    - Calofisteri's axes and bulbs did not load in AT ALL so I had to play follow the leader after spending a good few minutes being rekt and looking bewildered.
    Hanging on. I have one more year of study at a law college and then it's a couple of years to train and qualify as a solicitor.

    Absolutely no time to play any game while studying so I've been milking these two months off as much as I can on FFXIV. And bloody debt to pay off and fees still yet to be paid means I'm still stuck on a PS3. Wiping City on PS3. RIP. :sad3:
    awwwwwww! We may launch next month though! the invitation is still open if youre interested later! :)
    Hello. I'm new to the forum, but I ran across your interest check for a Tarot-base roleplay. And, since I'm unsure if this place is very active or not, I was wondering if you'd already set up your Tarot roleplay; if so, I'd be happy to join it.
    Erm I haven't had time to work on my bio because of finals but I'll have it up after Saturday. And I'll PM you about power limitations then.
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