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  • Well third time is the charm as it's been another year. I feel like this is tradition now so I'm just going with it.
    Well it's been another year, and I came back again. I feel like time moves way too fast now. I'm good. How are you?
    When did you become a mod? :O

    Geez you leave for years, you come back and things completely change, it's always a surprise.

    Because of your posts in your Gallery I immediately feel inspired to update mine again. Thank you! :D
    Awesome, thanks. I'll get them mailed out in a week since I recently sent a mailing list out last week. :)
    Good to hear, just thought I'd drop by and say hello. =] I'm alright, thank you. Work, trying to find another job for extra income, etc. You know how it is.
    Hey Oli, I hope you're doing alright and I hope that you were able to be comfortable in your new home.

    We do however, need you for a KHRP Post.
    Personally, I was thinking terrorists, but since we already have AA went I didn't intend and I'm too busy/cba changing it, I'm going to reveal a cloaked Heartless Corvette. I'll probably also unveil Luna's older...and already married fighter pilot of a sister here as well, rather than in the next world.
    oh lol. Sorry, i think i missed that post. Imma get something up soon then. As for vesper, i think the girl herself went poof from the forum
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