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  • Satsu: "In our previous post we actually shot out its knees :O

    Also yeah i was thinking that maybe while Mithras is holding up its neck (being the most unarmored section after his attack) The others behead him or something"

    Me: "Ooooo. i must have missed that. Ok, in that case, i guess we can puncture it in the stomach after you guys jumped off and need a quick breather. Just before it goes and turn Mithras and Lux into smokey bbq, Izanami will skewer it and skew its aim. Im guessing it'll priorities the bigger threat first and try and deal with Izanami and Aquilo, exposing its back for Mithras to clamber on once more and hold its neck up."

    This is what i posted to Satsu. Wat you think?
    Im going to assume its the purple text thats the latest iteration of Satsu's post?

    Well, i guess to make it seem a bit more interactive, ill have cookie and I post the quick spear attack and you can then bring your post in.

    " As the fiery onslaught ceased, Mithras looked down at the young woman protecting the both of them from the machine. Around them, the floors and walls (and even the ceiling) had been entirely scorched black, with some of the ceramic tiling still glowing red. The walls directly facing the brunt of the attack had been melted entirely, hot, acrid slag puddling slowly onto the floor, and the smell of burning plastic could be smelt wafting in from the adjoining room. All the while, the angry mechanical monstrosity bellowed a long, continuous roar - a scream of metal. It was crippled and on the defensive, but it was still not to be trifled with. And, as Mithras watched it stumbling onto all fours to regain some semblance of balance, it was clearly still a threat."

    What caused it to become crippled? If there isnt anything specific (i might have missed it), we can have Izanami's spear pierce through the stomach of the Charizard, giving it critical damage and hindering its movement and giving you guys some breathing room and time to mount onto it.
    B10? I thought there was only B5? Unless im missing something? Well, i can have Izanami and Aqulio weaken it and distract to allow for Satsu to mind control it?
    Well, wat cookie and i had in mind was that Izanami was to launch an improv spear at Chariz and have it do some serious pierce damage. But because she hasnt used her powers in a while, the move would be more taxing than usual, hence he would boost my attk with his wind power. If ya want, we can deal the blow so that it gives you guys a window of opportunity to finish it off? Or did you have something else in mind?
    I knows, right? :D Also, not as important of an update, but I am going to be interviewed by a different channel. I've received the questions in my email, and he's gonna edit it up to make it look like we're talking to each other. Most important part of this, is that I'm getting exposure. He's showcasing us in front of his crowd, so we could see quite a bit more success after this show he does. Scheduled for September! :)
    So.. Uh.. I have a few updates for you... First, I came up with the idea of getting some more "well known" YouTubers to join us in this first episode. So far, I've got two. One will review the new movie "Pacific Rim", while the other is talking to me right now about what to do. I must say, I'm looking forward to this second guy. He swears like a motherfucker. :D So that will bring our total up to 7 (possibly 8, if Adam agrees) segments. :)
    Indeed. I was wondering if I could use this character as something different.... A dessie who was kept in a separate wing? And when ze group escape... This fellow/lady works as a part exterminator part hunter? Yay or nay?

    Well, talking about namesake, its ironic really. My name is in relation to being drunk, yet i am alcohol intolerant >.>

    Anything at beer lvl + and i get a bit sick and a bad headache within an hr or less TT.TT
    To be honest I really don't have time to do 2 characters anyways :lew: I've got a pretty full plate this summer so I'll just stick with this one. ^_^
    Oh no it was for a second character I was gonna make. I guess I'll just use one then :sad3: I'm finishing up my poison character right now. >.>
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