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  • Not a bad week. It still feels like fsckin winter, though, which irritates me. What've you been up to? I feel like I've been responding to too many posts here, need to cut down. :cookie:
    lol no new notification for vms

    but yeah, ff is kind of dying down with what square enix has been doing to it. its not as popular as it used to be, even though we still get a lot of traffic here. just, a lot of old ff communities have died out, and you gotta admit finalfantasyforums is probably the best name you could get for a final fantasy forum :monster:
    It reminded me of Dr. Seuss and Doctor Who and what might happen if the two crossed paths. ^_^

    Maybe, I'll go to the beach if it feels warm. But, mondays and weekdays are moreso my days off & I like to avoid crowds and hassling for parking, etc, so it suits me well. :cookie:
    It has awsome gameplay imo.. It takes a little bit of time to getting used to. But give it a chance it is a good game and worthy of the final fantasy title. The story is less engaging but still good and the gameplay surpasses previous titles .. atleast to me. The game is beautiful :)
    This week the weather has been quite nice. Nice and cool. Perfect. Though next week it'll start to get hot and humid again :sad3:
    Well not much .. kind of bored around here. Have been working on ff xii but after a bit of grinding it gets a little chaotic to continue
    Nothing wrong with that. The topic will change eventually. Surprisingly we didn't get much snow this year though. But as you said it normally varies depending on where you live. I do know New York and Chicago do get a lot of snow usually. If you ever want to go because of snow those would be the best places to go to.
    I played it on Wii myself; hooray for backwards compatibility. :ryan:
    I think RE2 was the first RE game I actually finished. :hmmm:
    I've only played RE4 once myself. But I thoroughly enjoyed it; particularly at the beginning with that scene in the village, one of the few times I've felt a genuine sense of panic while playing a video game.

    RE2 is probably my favourite in the series though. I really enjoyed zero too. :hmmm:
    From what I've been told not too much is different between the two countries. :hmmm: You'll probably freeze you butt off up here.
    Believe me when I say this. Unless you want to visit one of the major cities and/or get more imports from here, you are not missing much from here. :wacky:
    Aw no, that's not good! :( And thanks for dropping by to send me a message! ^_^

    I'm doing alright myself. I have a lot of work over the next couple of weeks, but I'm feeling more positive about it now than I was a few days ago! I work as a tutor. The hours are going to be longer than usual, but I'll be working during the day instead of over dinner, which does mean I'll get to have dinner as opposed to snacks for a change. :lew:

    What have you been up to? :) D'you have msn? :hmmm:
    you hate the summer season yet you live in one of the worst place to be at during the summer. :P Sounds like you'd be perfect up north.
    Not yet but it's pretty close to it. Summer doesn't start for another 3 weeks. Already it's been hot as heck too xD
    Yikes! o_o I know having hot summers are common for you but 42C is insane indeed. I don't know if I'd ever be able to live there. xD
    In my case it's been around 90F/32C here. Though I know it normally gets much hotter down there during the summer
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