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  • Hello!:D
    I just wanted to say/write that I LOVE your avatar! Firion is the best <3
    I'm leaning more towards X now, still undecided but I haen't finished XII yet :P so as long as I make my mind up by then I'll be fine. Will probably be X though I think.
    I am just like you in self control when it comes to the replies...well the other guy did the post for me, so I quoted him and was like 'Yep I agree with that sorted' Well sadly you get people like that here..and well he is blatantly ego centric haha. God I am bored, making a map for an RP me and someone will be posting soon.
    Haha common sense....well I just don't show this massive negativity which Martel/Juliet Starling consistently shows. He might as well leave the forum cause all he does is complain and indulge in making blogs of boring crap.
    Hello there! I don't think I have actually said hi considering I notice you like a lot of my posts. You alright?
    Haha, that's absolutely fine! You were just wishing me a happy birthday early! ^_^ How are you? =)
    My other favorite game series are kingdom hearts and zelda :D
    my top 10??
    are, x-2,X,III, VII, VIII,1,2,,4,5,6
    Id say to your signature suicide stuff,!!! Suicide is a permanent way to fix a temporary problem!!!
    waiting to see where there health is, still got the inactive ones to worry about after we deal with these ones
    I've played a couple of hours - I've recently met Rydia and Rosa. I really must complete it! :) Thanks for the help though. ;) I suppose it is handy! Three entries so far! :cheer:
    Hehe, I do too! :lew: I do indeed have it! :) Thanks much! I'm going to take the titles away, though, since I set 'no titles' as a guideline. ;)

    What have you been up to? ^_^
    Hehe, aw, thank you! I'm sure you will! ^_^ Can I ask how old you are? I'm quite curious! And tell me a bit more about your hobbies, interests, favourite FF, favourite animes, music and books. ^_^ (I'm always keen to find out about others! :lew:)
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