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  • I've deleted my post because I thought about it, and I rather not be part of something that could get heated fast. :lew: No patience for something like that, however, I did want to say I really admire your open mindedness in leaving people to their own worth with your statements in the "Should prostitution be legal" thread. So props to you for that. =]
    3-2 Aberdeen :mrgreen:

    Away to head oot today to watch the Scotland match. Hopefully i can leave the pub with a smile on my face because we destroyed our opponents :mokken:
    Its not too much too ask to wanna see Scotland in a major tournament in my lifetime is it? :sad3: The tartan army deserves a wee bit of love i think. I mean any man who can wear a skirt with pride deserves reward right?
    Sorry late reply. I thought itd be a no vote aswell. As expected there was a massive ruckus in Glasgow. I just had to roll my eyes when i saw the people causing trouble were all folks with Rangers shirts on. Typical isnt it?
    How did you feel about the referendum results? Im so glad its over. The whole countries been idiots the last few weeks. No and Yes campaigners arguing with eachother. We all have to live together dont they know >_>
    Brazil? Very nice! Have fun over there. :) And I'm good. Family, kids, work, etc. Same old, I guess!

    If you need any help or questions with photoshop, let me know. With practice though, you'll get the swing of things eventually.
    You do Photoshop work? :O I don't think I've seen your work yet. And how are you these days?
    Lol it can be fun. You'll be competing with the other team (I'm assuming there will only be two teams this year), no access to the rest of the forums, etc. Sort of like the T.V show, "Survivor". Anyone within Survivor can say whatever, troll, flame, etc. Most people just banter and won't take things seriously, but some might. =P Just have fun with it though. Here's to hoping anyway.
    Hmm, didn't expect you to sign up for Survivor. There will be lot of flame-fest going on there. Good luck though!
    Hahaha, I just saw Pockets' comment on your Visitor Messages, I was wondering the same thing. :D I see you keep checking out the Clans Sign ups and introcution, why is that? xD
    I'm sorry if I offended you, it wasn't my intention. Sometimes I can seem like a real dick in the debate threads.
    Why do you keep reading the clan sign ups and introductions? :rage: You should be finished by now!
    Nicely done, book 9! You're getting there xD
    Are they books to where its a different character every book? Or does it follow a certain character for more than 1 book? These sound very interesting. And plus I love vampires so I may check out this series

    I am seriously loving Catching Fire. I've been reading for over 10 hours today. Its absolutely crazy because I wanted to play some FFX today but, nope. This damn book has to be so addicting and keep me interested. I'm starting chapter 22 now so I'm hitting the home stretch :)

    Oh yeah I feel you on that. I'm not missing anything. I wanna try and get the "perfect ending" on X-2 as well because I never finished the game on ps2(I spoiled it though and viewed the ending on YT :grin) I love X. Fantastic game :)
    15 books?! Holy cow. Thats a ton of reading! I consider it an achievement just finishing 1 book lmao -.- How are they, are they really good?
    I'm currently reading The Hunger Games now. I was almost halfway through Catching Fire but when I quit I lost my book mark. So now I have to restart again. It doesnt really bother me though because the 1st book was awesome, and the 2nd one so far hasnt disappointed at all.

    Aww thats lame they wont ship the collectors edition :sad3: Hey atleast you can still enjoy the wonderful world of Spira, cant beat that! :reptar:
    I've been doing really good. Just been doing some reading and some retro gaming :)
    I'm excited for the X-X2 HD to come out. I just pre-ordered it yesterday, you getting it?
    You should chat in the SB sometime :)
    Glad to hear that you have been doing good xD
    Yeah the forums have been alot more active here lately, especially the shout box. Which is awesome :reptar:
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