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  • Heya .Mosh! Finished your GFX set today, I hope it's what you had in mind. :) The icon is 120x120 and the signature banner comes in at 420x250.

    Nice! But I'm a bit confused. In the FFXIV Character field you put down Azuki as first name. Is it Azuki or Alexia? :hmmm:
    Haha, hard to forget people, especially if they were regulars on the forum. I'm glad you feel as welcome as you should. This forum will always receive you with open arms.

    Just like the time when we were all bugging you about being an editorial staff member!
    I sure am a girl, but this is NOT my kind of weather. I hate it, I'm slowly melting away. Snow, rain, and thunderstorms everyday over this miserable weatherrr.

    We're all glad to have you back, sometimes it's good to take a break and come back refreshed!
    I'll annoy you on your wall! :randompoke:

    But been a while, hopefully be able to annoy you elsewhere
    Aw, sorry to hear about your resignation. You were an inspiring part of the team. Good luck, and I hope to still see you around the forum actively, Sean!
    And Sean, no? :P Been lazy to check back on that e-mail. And cool. Not exactly a huge fan of collecting figurines though. Aren't they usually really expensive? If I'm not wrong, Figma is the major brand for such figurines, isn't it! Last I saw, one decently made figurine the size of an average Barbie doll (a little smaller), was up in the hundreds of dollars. Made me do a double take.
    Mosh, i have to ask...

    Did you create that welcome member post yourself? That looks amazing!
    Hey Mosh! I haven't been hit by any of the new copyright stuff thankfully. Thanks for the compliment, though I'm not sure they're very good really though lmao.
    Yep, I have Skype. It's greenyxii (with an extra i, I think). Try greenyxi as well. It may actually be easier for me to just add you lol.
    Heeey! I know, this place seems so quiet these days :( I've been good, I've started Uni so I've been pretty busy though, how are you doing? Christmas was great, pretty relaxing and a nice break, how was yours?
    I have an email (below) if you want to try that way! Or Google Hangouts, or whatever they decided to call it :P And well, I think Jackie Chan's going for more mature plots now. Even this seems significantly less humorous than any of his previous works, but until I actually watch, can't say for sure. And MERRY CHRISTMAS~!

    I understand what you mean! And they really zoomed in on Jennifer Lawrence's face. Unnecessarily frequently too! Nevertheless, I heard they changed the director though, so I'm somewhat hopeful. And the new Jackie Chan movie's a sort of follow-up on his rather popular series "Police Story". It's probably more popular here in Asia than elsewhere though, so I'm not very sure if there's any publicity anywhere West, especially the US. Needless to say, the language barrier is something to overcome (it's not in English). Anyway, the full title for this latest is "Police Story 2013". Not very creative I know, but who cares, it's Jackie Chan! :P

    And nope, I don't have Skype, and I'm too shy for video or audio chats anyways :gasp2:
    Nothing big, having spent full days out for five days in a row kinda takes it out of me. So I'm hoping to laze around at home for the weekend. Recharge then drag myself back to work in the next week :P Though, Christmas sure is a convenient period of time. Wednesday being a public holiday and all, it effectively divides the week into two manageable halves. And the week later, New Year Day does the same ^ ^ I won't get my pay until next year though (end of the month). Haven't heard much about the new Hobbit movie. Didn't watch the first so there's that. Planning to watch Catching Fire... But it might be late... Here there's some other interesting alternatives now. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty looks to be a hilarious yet inspiring movie... And here we have another Jackie Chan movie too.
    Uh well. I hope you're getting by fine even after that split. I don't have much experience with relationships myself so I'm not in a position to comment much. But anyways! I guess you can never plan too much!!! <.< On second thought, I guess you can. One suggestion perhaps is to simply write anyways and see where that leads you. Ignore the second-guessing and write without hesitation. It's quite a fun experience, so I've felt anyways. Sometimes hilarious too, but who knows, it may help kickstart the writing!
    Ooh, convenient hard cash hm! Ah, and I'm interning as a research assistant (I study Psychology). It's still the early phases of the study, plus my internship ends midway, so all I'm able to contribute would be planning and literature reviews - which seems like a lot, but really isn't. Unlike full-time staff here, I have only this project, so I really have the luxury of time :P And a fantasy novel? I feel you about that motivation stuff... Though the end may be rather spectacular and exciting... Getting there is a whole other story!
    YOU ARE NOT EXCUSED! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAA! :P And yeaaaa! Mikasa's one badass fighter. If not for the ability to shift into a Titan form, she would be one of the strongest character, if not the strongest (when it comes to Eren). I largely like her character, cool, calm and collected. And very devoted to the person she loves. And yep. Kudos to Six, and kudos to the site. Doing fine, doing good. It's busy (I'm interning at the moment), but it's relaxing enough nonetheless! How about you? Busy with holiday planning?
    Lol thank Belz. He discovered the issue. But yeah, good that it's working now! Enjoy reading all those notifications. =P
    Now? Belazor pointed out that the notification type permission for Editorial usergroup weren't set. He updated them. I also realized that you only had Editorial as your usergroup, but not Full Member, so you were missing out on that.
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