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  • Sorry yo I rarely pass by and you're very hard to reach :P

    RP has been relaunched there, and an invite is still available for you.
    Hello! Faith isn't it? we used to message via email a lot in the past. Haven't spoken to you in ages! Hope everything is going well etc I have being delivered tomorrow a Mikasa Figma figure which looks so cool. If you haven't seen it you should check it out :D Hope to speak to you soon!
    Finished watching New Tales of Gisaeng. :) 52 episodes. Sheesh. Heard of it by any chance?

    Recently started with My Love From Another Star. Ah, that actress is so hilarious.
    Had to cut it since I reached max characters.

    But yeah...such memorable characters. I grew fond of the Woodalchi too. I can't believe it's already over. =[

    I'm now a bit hesitant to watch more Korean shows right away because The Great Doctor (or Faith...which reminds me, I didn't get the 'theme' of faith in this show at all, but maybe it's just me) is stuck on my mind. Don't wanna have to compare, etc. I tend to do that with Korean shows that I watch right after another.

    Okay, I'm done reflecting. I now leave you with this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8OUqK2qQhU
    I just finished The Great Doctor last night. Stayed up at 12 a.m. and went episode-crazy...and couldn't sleep afterwards. =P So that theme song "Carry On" by Ali is playing right now, as I replay the events of the show in my head.

    One of my favorite songs now -- I'm gonna download it today so I can listen to it at work. I have to say, this is one of my favorite Korean drama. Not because of Lee too, though he was really great here. Actually it was Kim Hee Sun that kept me glued. (And flute-boy). She is amazing! I'm aware that she recently got back to the entertainment world, but I'm very much looking forward to see more of her soon. The King and Queen were also very interesting. The Queen started out headstrong, which I really liked, but then her character gets tossed aside as a meek and obedient wife/queen later and that bugged me.

    My biggest gripe though... I felt that they spent too much time dabbling on the political arena (while interesting, there were too much of it), rather than focus on character development. Sure there were developments and it shows, but I would've loved to see more of the transition. For example, towards the end... I would've love to see Eun Soo's journey when she got stuck 100 years in the past instead of going back to that period where Choi Young was dying. (Time portals hullabaloo drive me crazy). It was so bittersweet and...we got 5 minutes screen time of that, when it was clearly a big plot in the overall story. Just...why?!
    I imagine the both of them would at least be aware of each other, since they have the same employer. You know, simply so they won't wind up killing each other out on the field.

    As far as knowing each other woman to woman, Shen isn't really the sociable type. She has a lot on her mind, but hardly shares any of it with other (living) people. However, that doesn't stop her from fighting.

    If you wish, Erica may know her for her more infamous name; The Red Reaper. There are criminals who are aware of Shen's actions with the guild prior to being employed under The Dark One. She tends to lean more towards termination jobs simply to fill that amulet of hers with souls...
    I'll check those titles that you mentioned and see if it's something that would interest me. :)

    Good luck on your assignments and presentation. Ah, school days. How I miss them so! Yes, even the deadlines, crunch time, and staying up until 4 a.m with a classmate to finish a project. :lew:
    I'm enjoying it so far, yes. =] I love the time period. I'd like to watch The Heirs after this, since I've heard good stuff about it too. You currently watching anything right now?
    Started watching The Great Doctor on Netflix the other night. I totally forgot that you mentioned it last month, and by episode 2 I was like, "Wait a minute...this sounds familiar!" So I checked our PMs and yep, you were all over it. Hahaha. =P
    He will be the big bad for the second series. Marko is still in charge this time and he knows how dangerous Hobbs is. x) He's not loving or friendly in this setting so watch out! He's a pure machine hell bent on destruction of Arcs all over the world, and may take humanity down with his conquest come the second series.
    I'll be waiting for a post for the others, a hovercraft with Mechs will be arriving in Saevitia to pick her up near the border and she will be delivered to Dogma. Did you see the good old Minister from SFR make an mentioned appearance!? xD
    Also the next season big bad has been referred. See Dr. Hobbs. :B. Keep some good stuff for the Age of Steel arc as Hobbs will be a fierce opponent than Marko.
    My plan was to have Marko force Silvana to have Rosetta transfer to Dogma as a dignitary for Saevitia while he makes a faux attempt to unite Arcs and Humans, but is secretly asking her to to go with Child and hunt down Ralph Faiz. Marko will probably have no evidence to frame him so he is probably going to use Rosetta for scare tactics and force him to surrender Shendra and Zephyr. x) Naturally Ralph will possibly help Rosetta see reason by revealing to them all that Marko is infact, his brother.
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