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  • Oh, about that, I'm not so sure how Soulcorruptor wants the people under the Dark One to be like, but I imagined there was a chance that perhaps the forces under the Dark One are perhaps not at all bonded, and they would easily kill their allies for the mere sake of it. Suppose that was the case, then it probably wouldn't be unusual Erica and Shen have completely not heard of each other. But I see the logic there, so lets leave it at that ^_^

    And yep, I think Erica is similar in that regard. So on a personal level, it's unlikely that the two would have anything beyond a pure working relationship. At the very most, a mutual respect for the other's abilities, but no more than that unless it's expanded on in the RP.

    And I'll take that, since Erica lean towards stealth missions involving information gathering and the like (assassination included). Chances are she would know of Shen's epithet, her abilities from some of her missions and maybe have worked together on some termination missions (up to you on that one). And technically, Erica isn't exactly an 'employee' per se. She follows the Dark One out of her own conviction, so she's probably more suitably called a "Follower" rather than a "Mercenary" like Shen. Just a detail to note, possibly something Shen could know, if you wish.
    Hey hey hey~ About the Tale of the Forgotten RP, since Shen there and my character, Erica, are working on the same side, I was wondering if you wanted them to be acquainted?
    Be warned though im using a poorer version of the software so I cant make that voice conversation nonsense due to high restrictions. Mine is regimumble.
    Hey Shen! I finally managed to access skype through a proxy! do you still wish to communicate liek!?
    Toxica was with the madame for 150 years and went missing for 50 to which I have yet to find a reason for. X)
    I am not sure how to expand upon that, as I originally had in mind to set this new guy as the big bad with our own ready made characters as protagonist stopping him from destroying reality. How to make it good is still on a working process.
    I have this idea of a completely different, new character who pulls out random people from different realities to be his bodyguard while political tensions rises from his own reality and his ability to break the forbidden practice of plucking people from other universes. He pulls approximately millions of individuals from various realities (based on ORPG or new RP characters) while his rivals pluck various individuals as well to combat him. He is somewhat of an anti-hero, and uses people he pulls from these realities to do his dirty work or completely erases them from existence (including their potential alternate selves, making him really scary).

    This is a building concept I had in mind, and I wanna expand more on the infinite realities that ORPG has here. :B
    It's a concept of an interdimensional being who seeks to destroy reality, and pulls out protagonists from our current canons to help him hasten it but they decided to bring the fight to him before his madness destroys all their realities. Basically, anything goes and its still a young concept spawned from my desire to make a special for the RP series. I still need more research though but its just the concept.
    Shen I tried logging on skype alas its still blocked to hell. I wanted to log on and propose to you an FFFRP special RP. T___T
    Oic! you can just visit message me ya know :p I rarely use skype but keep it in the offchance I can find a proxy to log onto that works. It's regimumble.
    Sorry yo. I haven't been able to use skype as it's blocked here, to top it off, my windows messenger fused with it -_-; I can only be reached through facebook or hotmail.
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