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  • OMG! I thought Child was in Dogma as well. Must have gotten myself confused when I read that Sieghild went to contact Marko. Oh well, I'll just go change out the descriptions and text. Easeh~ Thanks for the heads up too. ^ ^
    As in Smoky, Gustith has exams as well so her rp is on break. If that is the plan for smoky then I shall take a break x)
    I dunno, I've been away from tanks longer than I am with planes. So I can't really help you in regards to that, sorry.
    Eh, sure enough, I'm bringing over another fighter squadron anyway, as the next objective entails blowing up a Heartless Corvette, just like in Reach.
    What? Are we posting in order now? Cause my fight's finished. I'm just waiting on all of you to exit combat so you can post ahead of me if you want. Do you know if Vesper's still in the RP?
    I know tipsy. My original post got deleted so I got a bit uninspired afterward. >.> I'll try getting one up soon~
    WW2-era Tanks and Propeller-driven Aircraft (no Jets, since I don't know how to feasibly work that in with a Steam Engine like I could with a propeller.)
    Late 19th century and early WWI firearms (Bolt-action or carry-capable full-auto weapons)
    Gattling Guns and Artillery.
    Melee Weapons are generally swords, naginata-type polearms, knives and clubs.
    If you are a spy she will be converted to be my bodyguard! D :< Heidemarie!!

    I will progress without Welsh this tuesday, I think he went MIA.
    I'm not crazy! XP

    What is her name again for SFR? I keep forgetting her name its too damn long! I may settle for calling her Hilda! :hmph: ;;;
    Obviously no! that would be god modding silly woman! Unless your character wants power that is! :monster:
    That's no problem. I'm going to have to wait a day or two anyway till I get my laptop fixed. I'm currently on an older version that doesn't have a word processor program or any of my older files. I'll be replying to Gundam first either way.
    I figured you'd like that. :P

    As for me, haven't decided what character I'll go with yet, though it will probably not be one who's currently active in miitary service.
    Verdia is a combination of the Spanish countries and Sweden. The devastation of the quasi-Swedish homeland, Skaelland, led to an exodus of the people to that general area. In honesty, its so I can get a Swedish culture state without putting it in the same Central Continent with Brittania, Gallica and Germania/Alemannia, as SFR had it as originally.
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