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  • SO, in the end, order of attacks/posts should probably go..
    Satsu/Mithras- (next) climbing the machine with Lux, after shooting at its knees, tries to disable it from above by tearing at the metal plates
    Me/Lux - supporter post/filler of partners attack
    You/Izanami - Throwing manmade spear thing at the beasts belly to try and kill it old fashioned style
    Cookies/Aquilo - Supporter post/filler of partners attack
    Satsu/Mithras - notices something's wrong with Charizard when it rears from an attack not caused by them.. continues to tear into the neck, motioning for Lux to attack here (x marks the spot)
    Me/Lux - attack post for the neck
    You/Izanami - general confusion of what's happening (too much debris, smoke and flame probably disables both parties view of the other), notices the monster is in pain (machines feel pain?), attacks at the neck, causing joint attack with Lux's light that beheads Charizard
    Cookies/Aquilo - general confusion as well, strikes a cute victory pose because I feel bad and forget why he's here .__.;
    I think maybe even with a close combo post between you and satsu.. cause he has us jump the machine, trying to disable it from above.. Izanami could maybe even shoot at the stomach first with a javelin, and it disrupts the pair aboard trying to get another attack in, until Izanami then spears it in the neck, maybe even simulatneously while Lux throws an attack at the opposite of the neck, resulting in an explosion (when Izanami's manmade spear connects with the light) that subsequently beheads it. Might be a bit more comical in the aftermath if the two teams, unaware of the others, are trying to break it down..
    In our previous post we actually shot out its knees :O

    Also yeah i was thinking that maybe while Mithras is holding up its neck (being the most unarmored section after his attack) The others behead him or something
    I think he missed it... piercing it sounds like a plan, so you and Cooks will do another minor post before we go? If you have anything else to add to the post though, add away! Collab is good for the RP soul
    be gentle with me senpai~ etc. etc.

    At the moment, we're throwing about ideas that Izanami might attack to give some time for Mithras and Lux to charge, and then someone else can finish off the beast at the end. :D
    So satsu wanted to show you the post first before we go ahead. Maybe the spear thing can still go through or you might have other thoughts of how to use this? I don't think the mech is meant to survive much longer anyway, but we should be collabing more often

    Pay no attention to the stuff in the top, middle and very bottom.. He'd taken previous posts and uses it to build on with the next... anywhooo.. thoughts?
    Probably cause the German Military of WWII represented its technological zenith...same to a lesser extent with the Japanese, though the former's was probably better represented before 1942.
    Yeah, I don't mind. We don't want the RP to be stalled as much as it is for the other gang. Though, I knew I should've thrown out a post earlier in the week.
    Hey Tipsy. I was going off the map that Kevin posted about the zones. in the KH signup thread. At least I think those were the zones if I remembered correctly. If not then I guess I'll just wing the next few posts then :lew:
    Well like I said, we can wait. I haven't looked at the threat to check yet, but you did... just go from our group, right? >.o
    Derp.. it is just 5. I suppose in that case then, you guys should probably go next and then he'll follow afterwards with that post. He's got the majority of of it written out where Lux/Mithras jump it so I'm not sure if he has it within him to try and do another filler.. xD
    Satsu and I were going to rid it off into the sunset :awesome:

    ...but rly he was gonna mind hack it and we were going to trounce through B10 riding on it's back.. how far we would take it/what would stop it, we weren't decided yet
    In a way, I'm relieved I'm not the only one that does that! :wacky: It's good to see you still involved though. I'm going to do my part in keeping RPs alive as well, so I'll look forward to RPing with you again, though I'm pretty rusty. Good to know that, while hectic, things are working out. I'm currently on the hunt for a job, I know it goes without saying, but be sure not to take it for granted.
    Well, that depends on what you had in mind: I was simply thinking that Aquilo could add acceleration while lowering the resistance in the air around the projectile, to do some more damage. Or, if you have many other ideas, I'd be very interested to here.

    Also, I'm waiting for a few days to post again, so that Satsu can make a post. If (s)he doesn't post, I'll just go ahead with Aquilo.
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