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  • Finished your request a few days ago. Just thought I'd give you a heads up in case you missed it. =]
    Perhaps when you went to link the image in the thread, you accidentally took the thumbnail image link instead. I've had some occasions when I view an image on Google Images, it only allows me to see the reduced version unless I visit the actual page hosting the content.

    Hope that made sense, it may still not have been the case though. :)
    I thought I told you I'd be pulling out of that RP for a while? Also there is no new home sadly. ;-; I'll try making a quick post tomorrow. ^^ Sorry for the hold up.
    When I read your title, "I'll die as befits a knight, defending the weak.", my first thought was sending you a friendship request, but then I remembered I was reading it on my friends list.
    Kev need some aide on advancing the plot to your bidding. I'm putting up a government conspiracy thing to match the political thriller vibe the story is going with. Advice is needed, I'm just saying whatever this spy Alfred converted told him okies? Mold it to your doing later, its basically a government conspiracy of Line Ark to have the brilliant minds there for creating a superweapon of some sort. Do you have other intent? Tell me stat so I can adjust.
    As much as i am quite a fan of tanks and WW2 tech, my tank commander info is a bit rusty. How would a commander actually call out and coordinate to the gunner in regards to targets? Is it a clock system (2 o'clock, 11o'clock) or is there a more... detailed system?
    roger. ill just bomb out the last zone while taking quite heavy hits and ladn somewhere near the ladning zone
    hmm. It'll work. Just instead of apprentice, make the great grandmother a normal full fledged summoner. The ambiguity in summoner apprentice can lead to arguments on (training not complete = not real summoner) and such.
    Awe maaaan. You sure you don't want to post? What do we do after we're done flying? Land? Cause I was thinking aboot making Laleth crash since she's finished already. Hence the whole enemy ship thing. >_>
    Let's hear it then. Might as well get the general premise down before anything else.
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