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  • Kev have a look at a reference for the conceptual dude for your RP. I dont know if he fits into your world but I do not know if practicing magic and pimping his body up with technology will be viable. I want your thoughts and critique on the guy before I make profile while I study your world's concept. He's like an EVIL Ralph faiz but in his late 30's and doesn't use suits:


    Tanker commander here i come. Might get the E 75 or E100 as my command tank XD Schmexy looking tanks they are (Well, more the E 75 or mb the E 90 than the E 100).
    For the tanks what size is the ironclads and landships?

    Are the Ironclads like the Maus and E-100? With the Landship being the size of the Ratte?

    Or would the Ratte be the ironclads and the Landship be like the Marmota from Valkyria Chronicles?

    just in case you want a size referene, but knowing you, you'd probably know about these machines already.
    Hm... so of course, Britannia is Great Britain, Gallica is france, Alemannia is Quasi Germany, Orlina is Russia(?) and Verdia is the hispanic countries?
    Hm... iono about the japanese army in terms of technological zenith. Im more towards the side where WW2 japanese were the zenith of pure dedication and willpower

    Now, i know the Nazis were evil and that they did quite terrible things, but damn they looked good when they did it. I guess im a sucker for pure theatricals, grandiose and quite gaudy uniforms XD.
    sweeet. Time to roll in another quasi german XD

    iono why, but i find the german military around ww2 extremely cool (politics aside).
    FUCK YEA! LAND TANKS! i am going to have so much fun with tanks.

    Tho i want to make this clear first. Define land tanks. Tanks as in ww2 ish tanks or wat?
    Kevin I think you double posted in SFR. Idk if it's just my computer being weird or what but I wanted to let ya know. XD
    Thank goodness! I sort of feel weird if they're around lol! Let's see my chops, if I have time to make more! I shall!
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