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  • Do you by any chance have disney styled characters? Or purely keyblade folk? I have a concept for a keyblade user I want to try out sometime if I get time.
    Kev, I got a request, are you still taking invitations for the KH RP? How is it like? I wish to join in your story at some point in the future.
    Making order out of the chaos is the beauty of the RP I have in mind.

    Do I still need to use Hera Ledro's profile template or am I allowed to require a template of my own? It's a very simplified version.
    Say I wanted to start up a Freeform RP where the storyline lies with the players rather than the GM. Where should I begin?
    Hoy Kev. :monster:

    Was speaking with LJ yesterday about the tourney. Because of his net problems, he hasn't been able to post. So, we would both like to postpone the match until he gets his new router so we can continue then if you're cool with that.
    For SFR, how are we going about this? I was hoping that you would ahve skipped ahead straight to the Castillian border and be confronted by the fact that there is arleady combat going on within the country
    Hey Kevin! I finished the interview for the next Roleplayer. I'll send it to you tomorrow night after I edit it. ^_^
    Thanks for reminding me. ^_^ I nearly forgot about the interview completely. o_o I'll get on it tonight.
    Hm, Kevin. Ill be posting a post in SFR so that once its out of hiatus, we wont be waiting on me XD. That cool? Also, ill be fast forwarding us to the base of the mountain, in case you had something you wanted to do there.

    Kev you're welcome to join any time, we're planning to do a wide scale story after the escape! Sit back and enjoy it for now!
    Greetings, Kevin. I apologise for the lack of action in Gundam from me, Survivor and other activities have kept me annoyingly busy. Gundam is the top of my to-do list. :lew:
    So in FF9 are you planning to make an Atalanta action or should I simply move Ricard along and then you'll be covering her and Annelise on the following 'day'? Just so I know whether to post now or not xD
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