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  • Do what you wish. Scattered Shadows is meant to be open-ended and its story led by many who wish to participate. It's a start, at the very least.
    It was merely a link to a deviantART entry that i had found that would've best suited Runesong's appearance. Sadly, it seems the owner removed the image.

    However, I do intend to have Shen remain in the city, but she may investigate afterwards. :eek:
    Due to computer troubles, I will not be able to use Skype until further notice, so I don't think we'll be chatting over that for the time being.
    That would ahve to depend on Chao. Phoenix is incredibly eccentric and whimsical. She can lend her power to Chao, or not. She CAN take note of it, but she wouldn't per se, actually come out herself to deal with it. After all, she does plan to burn the universe if Chao fails, so Tsuki's dark side would be more an amusement and oddity to distract her, rather than an actual serious interest.

    CHAO on the other hand, that is a different story.

    You'll have to run along the situation when we get to it.
    Not skewed. Her view is one of a higher being. To her, heartless, humans, dogs, cats, bacteria, trees... Everything has the same value and are all highly valued to her. She plays no favourite. While she has been using a human host at times to keep the universe in order (along with other dieties), it doesnt give them special privileges. To her, the heartless situation has gotten to the point where the human cannot contain it and since the humans were the first and last line defense against them, Phoenix has decided to take the purge route, where she burns the universe asunder and have it reborn (ala phoenix).

    However, she has put this plan on hiatus, giving the group a chance. The enroachment isnt so straight forward as evil overtaking Chao's body. It is more complex and story driven than that.
    Actually, Chao is lawfully Good in terms of affinity. Phoenix isnt an evil spirit either, but literally neutral as a universe Deity. A slight bit eccentric, but not dark at all
    haha. It is a good idea but no. I actually did that already in the previous arc.

    However, i'll see if i can have her drop in early into your area. Maybe we get flak attack and i fall out of the transport.
    I'll have to :(

    I'm always 60 left to be able to rank up when they call me back to see if I can renew my license :rage: I never sleep or anything so I don't get it :wacky:

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