Noblesse Oblige
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  • Happy to be alive ? :hmmm:

    . . .

    That's always a good thing . :awesome:

    Oooo, and Happy Birthday ~ :yay:
    -is Schnee'd- :gasp: !

    Why, thank you ~ :griin:
    How have you been, Noble Obli? /is still calling you that . :ahmed:
    O.O VM ATTACK! :P rawrs I'm writing that new bio for SFR. A heavily modified bio of one of my existing RP characters I never use xD
    Sure, where is your battle gonna be at? I can have Mtiette protect fleeing refugees caught in the middle of the battle as well as the medic nuns that are helping wounded. Whaddya think?
    Yep! Ready when you are. Throw in the link here and I'll return as soon as possible. Will you restart it all, or continue from where we left off?
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