Noblesse Oblige
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  • Ikr? This is like, free HD widescreen porn for sadists that I'm reading . :gasp:
    You trump them hard! :rage:
    Ello .
    . . . I'm doing wonderfully well . :wacky: How 'bout you?
    Awrrite. Thanks! I went ahead to complete the character bio. It's done, look it over and tell me if there needs to be any changes. :D 5th June's the start date, right? Can't wait!
    Aha. I'm not sure, but, regarding the Final Fantasy IX RP you're starting. Should Queen Garnet already have a Prince with Zidane? Prince, or Princess - that is.
    Kev, i finished my character in SFR. So give it a look over. Feel free to distribute her to which ever army needs peeps.
    Hey, kevin. i decided to create another character in SFR. This time, a merc so that it can constantly be in the battle with a legit reason. Ill have mtiette flit in here and there where appropriate.
    So-so. About to enter exam season properly so I'll probably be in a rather pissed and stressed mood for much of next month until summer kicks in. :olivia:
    no problem. i was just taking up your offer to split the post, but ill get to writing the intro post asap
    Ah, so he'd let the civvies slip past, but since his officer said i must go down since i interfered with his plan, Nicholas is bound to engage Mtiette in a death battle?
    As i suspected.... im dry. i gotta stop here for SFR and Crystalius, but ill have something up for SFR tomorrow. Just to get it straight, i go back to the stack, tell them to exit the battlefield, then head back out of my way to fight nicholas?

    From what i read, he seems unwilling to attack the children, so it is entirely possible for Mtiette to just run with them, so i dont know what motivates her to kill him, but it seems quite plot important that he dies in this battle...

    I need to know so i can type it up as to why she will go and kill him in my next post
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