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  • Kate :jess: It has been so long, I am so glad you have not forgotten about me!

    I am well and the puppies are doing well too (I have 3 X_X) one of them has finally learnt not to pee inside. ugh it took a while!
    How are your kitties? And how are you? I have not seen you around much :sad3:
    So happy to hear from you :)

    I've been well...I've been done with school a week and a half into April so now I'm working and getting ready for graduation in December. I can't believe how fast time has gone.

    Now I'm just working and hanging around here. The guys got me hooked on Call of Duty Black Ops :gasp: So I've been playing with them here and there at night.

    How have you been? I hardly see you at all nowadays :sad2: I hope everythings okay and you are well.
    Lol yeah, i had fun digging up the chocographs and finding the air garden, although to be honest i perfered FFVII's chocobo miniquest, Black chocobo ftw!

    This is my 2nd playthrough, although it's my first time actually finishing the game. on the first time around i didn't go through memoria, lol.

    I didn't mind IX, there were some things i didn't neccessarily enjoy though, like the slow ATB and learning abilities through weapons etc.. but loved the storyline ^^

    Lol i've just recently started a new game on VIII myself. You know there's something wrong when you're cruising through Dollet during the SeeD mission at Lv29 xD (spent all last night lvling up and drawing magic from the grats in the training center in Garden xDDD)
    I've been well and you? Still busy with life I assume?

    Yes I do have to admit it really was a nice subplot. I forgot to save right after the battle with The Cathedral. I didn't think the button would take me TO the final battle. Though to be fair I didn't know I was in the final area of the game until I was literally right there before the battle with The Cathedral. :lew:

    I haven't started Episode III yet but I will start it once I finish playing Rogue Galaxy. I'm on Chapter 8 out of 13 right now.

    Also are you still on Skype often? I often keep forgetting about it but if you want me to I can try to remember to hop on more often. :neomon:
    I am. I finished May 9th Kate xD. Yeah it really is hot :olivia: Glad to know you are alright as well Kate!
    I've been well and you Kate?

    Oh before I forget I finished Xenosaga Episode II a few days ago. Storyline-wise that game seemed to be shorter than Episode I
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