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  • Hello,

    I was wondering, with the moogles being added as icons and all, is the Moogle Group still in existance and if so, may I join please?
    Yus im rarely ever on skype these days just on weekends really. When i had a laptop i could just perch it beside me as i sat on the couch playing the ps3 or watching netflix but icant do that now with the PC. I do miss my laptop :(
    Im not working still but ive been making up fort the lack of productivity by playing lots of PS3!!! and stripping wallpaper and decorating etc :lew: What about yourself? How are things on your end?
    Mel, I miss playing games with you! what games are you still playing on the ps3? any chance you still come on here?
    Hotcakez Mel!
    Rockstar will deposit 500k on all players accounts that were inflicted with issues. Players that played in october.
    250 at end of next week.
    250k at the end of the month!
    Finding you was a nightmare! Didnt know your current username. Just had to look through people i thought you might msg !!

    Good games tonight 8)
    Oh no I'm excited about it I'm just tired from what feels like constant work and it'll probably get more intense, but that's life I guess. I need a holiday :ness:
    Haha its not that bad. It does cost a lot though to do anything here though. The problem with working as much as u can in summer is u dont get much of a summer :( still hopefully in a few years time the hard work will all pay off.
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