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  • hey man sorry about the late reply i had to run, ill PM u my number. im glad to hear ur hanging out with the right people but its a shame about those guys. i know what you mean though you cant be hanging around the wrong types, those guys who just wanna smoke weed all day and go clubbing all night. u have to just remove urself from those influences. im in the official FFF fc so i cant just transfer like that u know? but its a shame we cant play together like the old times i bet it would have been epic. we dont use any form of voice chat but its something we could look into somewhere along the line, we did when it was jeff and kira but not anymore. I took up kickboxing too man thats where i was today, ive been doing it for a long time now... 4 months. made friends with some of the senseis so theyre showing me crazy bruce lee shit all the time :lew: i need stuff like that to tear me away from xiv every now and then otherwise id just be a vegetable in front of the tv haha not good man
    ohh yeah i deactivated it man! :lew: i never used it at all i dont like people seeing my day to day business like that u know? family and shit. but now everyone i know is asking me what happened to me on fb like i was so active haha

    yeah i had reservations on deactivating it because of all the people i know i wouldnt be able to keep up with if i did, but i wasnt using it anyway you know? its hasnt been deleted i can reactivate it by logging in any time. how you been anyway bro? besides the ffxiv shit u know (probably like me not much else besides xiv hahaha embarrassing...)
    hey bro, im sorry to hear about ur financial siituation man. good to hear youre taking a break from it though and resolving it all, i hope it all works out well for you. me im just studying and shit but i cant even lie ffxiv has taken a big chunk out of time i should be putting somewhere else lol. its just one of those games man like a black hole just pulls you in. we need to have a chat soon catch up on some things
    I didn't really check the news, but my mom told me about it, so I was like. :gonk: Relieved to hear that wasn't near you then, or wasn't something that messed with your area. They definitely make it sound worse than certain things are, but that's alerting if your friends live in certain areas. :lew: Jeff and I are alright. :D 8 years in 3 days!

    How've you been? I've noticed you barely been around here. The graphic section is active again, so I've got my handsfull. xD
    Holy crap. Heard about the gas situation in your city. Everything okay with you?
    I never rage quit it was my internet cuttin and it cut again today when i was playing with Dennis :rage: fucking slug round shotguns aren't a joke though I tell u that much but u absolutely schooled it with the shotties yesterday
    Your such a fucking liar tom :rage: Youv had one average day and yer getting emo!! cant believe you rage quit on me like that :wacky:

    also hey dennis
    Long timeno speak brother hope you're doin good.

    I been playin ghosts with lew we've been doing alright but he definitely carrying us now I can't even get positive these days it's a sorry sight! :(
    so if you buy ghosts now theres a promotional on where you get to play with that liberation8914 fella?

    lemme check that shit out... gotta install the iOS update first thatll take a while ugh. thats kinda dumb how u can send messages but not receive them.
    yeah I got those messages i replied to them at the time but im guessing you didnt get them haha why would you need a psn app? cant you receive messages on it?

    im still a full member man can u believe that shit? :lew: not enough posts man need at least 1k they should just give me the vet status!
    ayy dennisimo alles goed? cod misses you brother!

    this ones better than bo2 i think i wasnt sure about it at first but theres much more balance in it now much better game modes too playing with lew is great we're solid winning pretty much every game. maybe rent it and see what u think
    When you play with an AI team youl get matched against another AI team to make it fair. Ad you can choose how you build yer character. Could have them all male or female or a mixture of both if you wanted.
    There are new game modes like cranked which is awesome. Basically you kill someone and if you dont get a kill within 30 seconds your character explodes and dies. When you get a kill you get given loads of persks and the timer resets. ITs a good gamemode as there arent many campers in it at all. Squads is a lot of fun. Basically you make a squad of 6 people. For example i was playing with 5 AI controlled squad members and me leading them and i played against another persons squad. You can customise it so you can have friends in your squad. Kinda like a clan thing or you can just play with AI team members. Lots of guns and perks to choose from. All that stuff. Lots of killstreaks etc etc. Its still just typical call of duty but with some new things added in. The maps are huge and definitely not the best maps ive ever played. With Tom on my team though it makes things much easier and getting kills is alot easier when you have a really good teamate. Honestly im enjoying it :hmmm: Though im not the kinda person who can play non stop. A couple of hours is usually enough for me and i need to take a break.

    Oh also the prestige thing is definitely a big improvement. You basically dont start all over. You create a new soldier with a new name who starts from level 1 but you can use your old soldier anytime you want and hel be at the max level. Each time you prestige you unlock a new soldier. Kinda hard to explain but youd understand it if you saw it.
    Really enjoying ghosts now. Im gradually getting better with each game i play. Though Tom is absolutely destroying people >_> he got the equivalent of the mw3 MOAB when we were playing. Glad hes in my team!
    Meh, I think I was one of those people. I had a very low post count when I was taken onto staff. 500, maybe, after two years or so? Never really posted a whole lot but was just constant in the SB. I hear you, though. Don't think they had a ton of real contenders this time, though, like I said.

    Guess we'll see though, man. Hopefully he turns out to be solid under fire. If not, we'll know pretty soon :P
    yeah the rumour was going around years ago haha but yeah apparently he only came out recently like Ricky Martin.

    have u seen the newest trailer gta5? Rockstar make it look like a hollywood blockbuster!! i think im gonna end up playing with michael and franklin the most i cant wait
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