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  • oh, the event doesnt have to be an attack or some monster. The even could be like finding something disturbing like a skeleton or massive amount of munitions or anything from the mundane to the fantastic. Preferrably, peacefully because i want us to get to the city unnoticed.
    Lol yeah i've beaten it plenty of times, it's fairly easy imo, during disc 2, there's 2 Aura draw points which make it so much easier with boss battles <3

    If you need any help lemme know, lol.

    As for the mod position, yeah i was one of the first to apply but eh I'd rather you as mod than most of the others i know who applied lol
    I hate tomatoes :rage: ...and no the show you talk about, I've never watched it, but a lot of the stuff we talk about is suspiciously 80's/early 90's for the most part so I'm surprised I don't remember it :gasp: ...but my love for a good sandwich is undying, to say the least :gonk:

    So glad to hear from you though. I haven't seen you around too much :sad3:
    Tbh, it was horrible. All my plans got completely screwed, and I was stuck at home the whole time. :sad3:
    No problem Kate. I am great I guess. The semester is almost done so Ill be off a really long time soon. Great talking to you again though Kate! How are you?
    Oh I'm finished with field work. My wedding is in two weeks and I'm so nervous! lol its coming so fast! It was one of those things where I wanted something simple but I got swept up in all the romance and the event itself that I ended up making it much more extravagant that I originally planned! But that's ok it'll be fun and I can't wait for the honeymoon.
    Epic devil hoagie sammich is epic :gonk: Your avatar looks so delicious...only if it doesn't have tomatoes on it :gasp:
    Kate you must revive the Xenosaga club again! It has fallen dead once again. I dont want to double post :sad:
    uh... yea i guess. Didn't expect Rav to get Kos Mos to go with Fei, so i guess you can go and report in. Maybe i can have Kos Mos meet back wiht Pan later down the road when she can speak properly.
    haha yes it was a song and a movie or tv show or something :D

    Hmm I am good, I haven't seen you around lately ;_; I have missed you!
    How have you been?
    I wish we had a Jamba Juice here...I've heard of them before but we aren't cool enough to have one where I live :sad3: ...and Newman's lemonade is like to die for (if you are a lemonade person) :gonk:

    How are your RP's going? :hmmm:
    Ahh, not alot. just lvling on FF8, job hunting on the side, lol.

    If someone other than me became mod, i'm glad it was you :lew:
    Going about as well as I had expected it to go. A whole lotta nothing to do. But I'm on spring break, so I might be able to have at least a little bit of fun. :awesome:
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