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  • Indeed. I'm just thinking it's a prank as well. We'll find out if it is tomorrow though. :neomon:

    I haven't made any major progress. I've been mostlyy working on a few sidequests.
    Kateeeeeee I revived the Xenosaga club yesterday. Don't let it die again! :sad:
    hm... i was thinking of making up my own plot if i was going to hijack the rp. Considering the shitty situation and emptiness of the place, id say post apocalyptic type of place, but we arent exactly completely alone, as the robots have shown. Want me to give you the barebones story idea, and we flesh it out as we rp? I wont give you the ending, but itll give you the idea for how we will discover what is going on
    I actually haven't played it since Sunday. I've been alternating between online gaming, episode II, and Silent Hill. I plan to start again sometime tonight.
    When i come back from slave work and find a few extra sheets in the laundry basket, i'll know what you been doin' with that picture :mokken:

    Some of those friends of yours that come over though.... :tehe:
    damn. Thats right. That was the one i had forgotten to post. Wait for me to post. i have uni, so ill go and post it when i come back, but yea. Ill post first.

    Btw, its ur turn on In This Life and for FFFRP (which is just us two. I wonder if i can hijack control of it)
    Thanks for the heads-up.

    I've posted a bio for it, and will wait to hear if anything I put was ok, and then I'll join in with the RP.

    Also, sorry about not responding to your last visitor message. I was going to respond to it weeks ago but then ended up forgetting about it since it was classed as a read VM, and no longer flashed up on my notifications....

    And yeah, I've been to Lindisfarne (and collected a bit of mead from there, and free samples and such while I was there). It's a really nice little island, and you're right about the Vikings and the monastery.

    I've been to a quite a few castles in my life. Most notable mentions would be Warwick castle, Caernarfon Castle, Edinburgh Castle, Tintagel Castle and Bamburgh Castle.
    Who's creaming whose panties now? XD


    Ennnyyway.... iono. Oli was never clear abt that. Ill go ask Oli abt that. He said something about wearing the yellow, but meh. ill get back to you on that
    Dw if some powers overlapse. Some of the present characters have overlapping powers. Just have one unique one at the very least. And pump your character up a bit. She is one the next tier below th StuCo, so she/he has to be pretty badass.
    Aw. It's no biggie you are very welcome. At least I beat crabby Al to it. :griin: Enjoy your day :yay:
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