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  • haha crazy cats are the best, I used to have one that would hang off our picture frames and climb the curtains :|

    you'll have to try and take a pic of the kitties on a sunny day so no flash needed, I'd love to see them :D comment? I shall assume it's a lot. From now on I shall call you truffle-butt.
    Haha he is super cuddly, he loves hugs and stuff!
    He's not as cute anymore though coz he's grown up and has weird teenager fluffy hair but he's still kinda cute!
    do you have pets?
    My next test is this Tuesday...on Immune/AIDs/Cancer...not really looking forward to it. I have some reading I have to finish but I might stay up late and finish it tonight and do my study guide tomorrow :andry: ...Still...I dunno, I know it needs to get done but I'm so tired :gonk:
    Thanks for the VM and cookie! :awesome:

    I don't think that I've ever tried Chaucer's Mead. I'll have to see if I can track it down and get some somewhere.

    I tend to drink Lindisfarne mead more often than any other type, though I have had some lovely German and Polish meads too.
    You know kate I have a t-shirt With the Tree:lew: Im waring tit right now:wacky.

    Although it is my AVI it does have purpose: my brother passed away recently:sad3:
    And LOTR was our fave movie so I have it as a tribute to him:ryan:
    I don't know, I'm still really on the fence about it tbh. As I fought and fought yesterday to stay on in between sever moves, the site lags on the SB last night with my missed shouts, and with this bright eye-blinding interface until they can get all of the features working with Ryan's skin...I'm wondering if its all really worth it :gasp: Did you ever get the site working on your pc? :hmmm:
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