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  • You can sort this out if you wanna do it :awesome:
    Just don't let my dad see em! :rofl:
    Holy shit bro! didnt see you there, lotta stuff has happened and now I find myself back @FFF chat to you on the forums no doubt
    Hi there!

    Hey yeah I've been good thanks! Super busy with things here at home. Things keep breaking down. XD Washing machine, car etc etc etc.

    How about yourself?
    can't a girl Oi at a guy anymore without being raged at?

    /me brings flowers
    Like Alpha Spirit i'm also sorry for not thanking you earlier for sending me the reputation which I just noticed... ;-)
    Oh thats cool of you to say, there is a vet around from my sisters, maybe I should go there. thanx for the info Anth :)
    Microchipping shouldnt really cost anymore than 100-120. anymore than that and you'll be getting ripped off. my dads a vet thats how i know.
    Well you are the master PIMP! hehe..
    I still have no idea what to do in the decisive..
    I'll see what the future holds..

    Its good to hear that.. times with your loved ones should be held on since those times are precious..

    Embrace the love that is still out there.. respect and love sir !! ';)
    Hey sir ! Ive been really busy with work and school, next week practice exam for my work after that school is done and over and I'll have to think about what education to partake next :P

    Im good besides that sir, how you been sir? !
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